Saturday 29 November 2008

Lucky me.

I have to say that I have the best guy in the world who will do an Irish jig combined with a Russian dance to make me laugh. Wow, he'll be such a great dad. It's so stupidly unfair that he won't get to be a great dad to George.

We were lying on the grass down by the seafront one sunny day not long after we got together and we started playing with our camera phones. There are hundreds of these!

Coo, two posts in one day.

This evening I'm daring to try on a bit of optimism to see if it will still fit.


  1. Hold onto it, you deserve it and more!

  2. True love will make this a minutely better road. Hang onto that man, and to your optimism, even if it doesn't quite fit yet.


  3. That tiled image is awesome....why don't you create a larger image with all those pics tiled in? that not your favourite colour? It is hard to not notice that in the pictures....



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