Sunday 23 November 2008

His grief

Part of Ray's grief journey has manifested itself with a series of nightmares.

He dreams of dead babies.

And a couple of times he has woken up to the scent of his dad, who died when he was 16.

His Mum, who believes in such things, gave him a crystal years ago that he swore worked to keep the bad dreams at bay but when we moved (just before we made George) it was left in a box with other crystals and stones. Apparently you have to keep them "charged" by leaving them in sunlight and moonlight. He found it out on Wednesday, put it on a window sill and hasn't had a bad dream since. Power of the magic crystal? Or power of the magic mind? I'm inclined to believe in the power of the mind but who cares, he sleeps more peacefully at night.

I'm okish today.


  1. Whatever works - glad to hear you're okay.

  2. Oh....Dreams are a definitive manifestation of our conscious and sub-conscious issues. May Peace be on your hubby. And yes, these it is the faith on these crystals that does the trick. Whatever that brings some comfort at this point of time is soooooo welcome.


  3. Here from the Roundup...

    The research on placebos says that for some drugs (including very common ones that millions of people use), the placebo effect is stronger than the effect of the drug itself.

    As John Lennon said, "Whatever gets you through the night, it's alright." :)

  4. This is definitely a case of whatever works is good. I'm glad he's found something to keep the bad dreams at bay.

  5. That's the good way of dealing with it, beleive me, I'd have liked my husband to have done the same.

    For that matter, I'd have liked to have done the same too!




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