Wednesday 13 October 2010

(Un) Happy home

We walked for miles on our break; over marshland, on beaches, on shingle, along uneven cobbled streets, down tunnels and up castle towers with spiralling never-ending well-worn steps and all with no problems save a few aches and pains and yet, I turn the corner into our kitchen, reach for the kettle and... OOOWWW!

So here I am lying on the sofa with my twisted swollen knee carefully arranged on a cushion. I could hardly walk on Saturday, on Sunday I could just about hobble and today I have an ungainly limp. Fortunately it's not serious and it's definitely getting better. You know what though; I'm beginning to think this house doesn't like us.

Our bedroom...

Wait, let me show you it's current state:

The colour of the wallpaper and fireplace were NOT of our choosing. Who paints a fireplace lime green!? The holes in the ceiling are for insulation. The bare wall you can see is the original Victorian plastering complete with scorch marks from a fire many years ago.

The rendering on the outside wall of the bedroom needs removing so they won't plaster the inside in case knocking off the outside ruins the inside...

Two weeks is the estimate now.


Does anyone know of any ritual that I can perform, however bizarre (remember the tampon sacrifice?), or item that I can place to get this house to like us again or do I have to make up my own?


  1. 'on shingle', you were walking on roofs??

    Sorry your house is a mess and your knee is messed up! You could do a sage smudge to cleanse the house...

  2. oh, i hate house upheaval - especially when there is already emotional upheaval. i'm sure you just want to feel like your house is a calm safe space. i agree, sage is good. also you can sprinkle rock salt on all the door and window sills and say some prayers and then sweep the whole place out. or maybe just pick one room to become your sanctuary for the next week and order lots of take out! xo

  3. I'm with the sage smudging. But if you're in the mood to sacrifice something, we've got plenty of house clutter here that I will be happy to burn in support of the cause.

    Hope home sweet home feels a lot sweeter and homier soon.

  4. Ya Chun, shingle is also a pebble beach :)

    i hope the house is sorted out soon.



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