Sunday 3 October 2010

The cat has toothache

Or something of that ilk.

Poor Lyx and sketch were just left with my Mum and Dad and I feel terrible. Or maybe that should be, poor me I had to leave my Kitteh's with My Mum and Dad and I miss them already.

Lyx has just discovered an issue with her mouth and has been making some weird jaw/tongue movements. She's still eating and drinking so we're not too worried* We think it's a tooth problem so we've left some money with my Mum and instructions for the vet if she doesn't get over it by tomorrow.

It's as if the universe is conspiring to keep us here. It's only a bloody week for goodness sake, give us a break!

It's as if it made Ray's tooth break to keep us here.

It's as if it tried to put not one but two idiots-in-a-car on a collision course with us today to keep us here.

But no. Sod off universe.

My Mum can cope with a vet visit if necessary,

Ray missed the cars using his superhuman lightening reflexes,

His tooth has a temporary filling,

We have good weather vibes (Please, yes?) coming our way and...

we. are. going.

Love to you all, "see" you next week.

*A blatant lie. At least one of us is a worrier; can you guess which one?

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