Tuesday 19 October 2010

It's quiet here.

Ray is painting across the road, the plasterer is in the bedroom prepping, landlord Dave has skulked off home with "man flu and broken legs" (his words) after a weekend 80's roller disco, the radio is silent, the tv is off, the computer is muted and it's just too damned quiet.

Normally I crave silence and peace but today I can hear my thoughts in the quiet and I don't much like them.

It's quiet here too... maybe it's time to end this blog?

In order to restore some order in my head (or just stop listening to the idiot in there) I need to turn on some noise.

A cup of raspberry leaf tea with added fresh ginger, honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon, a warm blankie (because naturally, having builders in the house, all the doors and windows are open), a cat or two on my lap, a good book and a documentary about medaeval England playing in the background and I think I have it.

For now.


  1. Oh hon... Sometimes quietness means a vacation and not an end... I hope that is the case for this blog.

    Hugs... XOXOXO

  2. it's only time to end this blog if you don't want to write it any more. you have 102 followers and i'm sure more people than that read. even if it's quiet right now.

  3. Do whatever you need, sweetie- I will be here, or on email, or on the dreaded F.book, or anywhere you need a bit of company.

  4. Nooooo don't end the blog B! I know I don't comment much, but I'm always here! Sending you love, love, love and wishing we could go out for a cup of tea!


  5. Oh I'd be so sad.
    And that cup of tea sounds lovely. I wish I could join you.
    Love, love and more love to you.

  6. Hah, just realised I sent as much love as Bir!

  7. I agree that sometimes quiet just means vacation....there are no rules--write when you like, don't if you don't and know that whether you write or not, you are thought of!



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