Monday 18 October 2010

Five good things

A bit late, perhaps echoing the disorganisation of our home at the moment, but here are my five good things from last week.

A new pair of jeans that fit perfectly and were cheap.

A poppet in pain after a wisdom tooth extraction needing my cuddles and attention.

Bright bright blue skies and leaves on the ground to kick.

An end in sight to our decorating/building work nightmare.

Beautiful lights in the darkness.

Please join in. What good things did you find last week?


  1. Planting summer veggies.
    Birthday parties.
    Exercise and feeling good about it!
    Decluttering at home.
    Feeling supported and not alone.


  2. -meeting a friend for coffee and a chat.
    -finding out that my investigation about my blood pressure came back clear and that i'm ok (...i should blog that in case anyone was worried!)
    -my husband's grandad buying me a rucksack i had picked up to buy myself
    -going round to a friend's house for tea.
    is four enough? i can't think of a fifth!



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