Sunday 14 March 2010

Mother's Day

It was Mother's Day here in the UK.

I wish I could have celebrated with my little boy.

But instead I started my guerilla campaign to drop forget-me-not* seeds around town.

And then we took my Mum and Dad to see the snowdrops in an old church yard on the moors, stopping for afternoon tea on the way.

*It's a native British plant so I'm not being too naughty.


  1. I love that you dropped forget me nots around town. Such an appropriate name for a flower. I wish George was in your arms today helping to make your Mother's Day extra special. xx

  2. Happy Mothers day Barb. I wish that you were celebrating mothers day with george today but im sure that he was right there with you on your guerilla mission. I love forget me nots they are beautiful. ((HUGS))

  3. grow flowers grow, nice one B... wishing you a peaceful mother's day.
    xx Ines

  4. Lol. I have often wanted to do the same thing with poppies...but they aren't native...

    Happy Mothers Day.

  5. Forget-me-nots are beautiful and those snowdrops are simply gorgeous.
    Happy Mother's Day x

  6. I love that you're actually doing this. What a perfect day to spread a little beauty. Wishing peace and beauty to you, my sweet friend.

  7. i so wish George were here to celebrate mother's day with you.
    and now i've got to figure out where to steal a ton of forget-me-not seeds from.... ;) i think my town needs them too.

  8. Happy mothers day Barb

    I LOVE your covert mission of spreading beauty - it's very inspiring :)

  9. I was thinking of you yesterday...of myself, baby George and baby Angel and of all the mothers that must have felt how we did.Loving the forget-me-nots
    hugs xx

  10. I just LOVE the thought of seeing you wander aroud with a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there!

    I didn't realize there were different Mother's Day dates, but well...that's probably my ego-centric American lack of information (honestly, ignorance is the word I should use, but hate to be so ugly to myself! :)

    It sort of seems weird saying Happy Mother's Day when it is a reminder that you are a mother who doesn't have her baby with her to celebrate and how could THAT be happy? So, I'm going to hope and pray that you were able to find some peace in it and relish in the gift that was your sweet boy.

  11. lovely snowdrops- and wonderful idea about the forget-me-nots.

    Hope your Mother's Day was peaceful - it will also be lacking and inadequate - but it can still be filled with love


  12. Beautiful photo, Barbara. Thinking of you, George, and Ray w/<3.



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