Thursday 11 March 2010

A blank canvas

This patch of land at the back of our garden was full of weeds and brambles and blackberry bushes and... eek where did the blackberries go? Ray spent days hacking through it all with a machete and then levelling the earth and building stone walls and then I set myself at the weeds and tons of wild garlic and ripping up the double layer of plastic that was supposed to keep the weeds down... ahem. We saved some blackberry canes which we hope will grow up along the old fence. It used to be a lane running behind the houses but many years ago it was closed off, partitioned in some places, and now grows mostly wild.

With still some weeding to go... and a new fence to come on this side.
And an exploring kitteh. The greenery is wild garlic which once carpeted our bit of wilderness too.

You can just see the back back garden through the gateway. And "our" garden cliff which both of our kitteh's have now climbed and scared us me to the point of tears. Boy kitteh found his own way down but girl kitteh got about 2/3 of the way down and then got stuck and mewed and meowed and meeeeeowed until Ray climbed into next doors wild back garden with his ladder and saved her, scaring me even sillier in the process.

The best spot in the garden gets the most sun. We planted the rose that we brought after we lost George. That felt good. It was a concrete path until last year when we Ray dug it up, dug over the earth and filled it with pony poo last year. Yes, pony poo from Dartmoor. Yes, we collected it ourselves. Yes, we wore gloves. Yes, we felt stupid. And yes, it's done wonders for the soil.

Ray made a step into the back back garden using the wheel rim that almost fell off our car when a wheel nut snapped. He wrote R&B 2010 and I, of course, wrote a G

We have wildflowers and chamomile and forget me nots and lobelia and snowdrops and violas and primroses and mosses and grasses and... I think we're going for a riot of colour here. I'll let you know how it goes.

Spring is in the air.

Season of new life.

Come on Universe... we're trying, you could put in a little effort too.


  1. Can't wait to see it in full, riotous bloom!

  2. Your post is 'delightful'. Like a cute story being told. I read the text and I looked at the pictures and I read the text and I looked at the pictures.

    Oh, and Mr. Universe who is standing right behind me also read the post. He was nodding his head appreciatively.

    Good Luck.

  3. I saw this post yesterday and your lovely garden didn't let go of me since. Your "backyard-cliff" is truly awesome. With a garden like this I would be happily slaving all year long. Pony-poo works wonders here too. Nice thing about it: it stinks a lot less than cowshit (at least in my nose).

    Have fun... spring is just around the corner!!



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