Monday 22 March 2010


Ray wouldn't kiss me because of my cold (my darling is a bit of a germaphobe to be sure). I was shouting at him and crying and beating on his chest. Then he called me over to where he was sitting with one of his friends, "I was just showing *** the photo of our beautiful son" and he had a photo that I had never seen. And then I woke up coughing.

Ray woke up and told me he had been in a town somewhere after WW2 where most of the men were dead but the ones left were trying to kill each other and Ray tried to stop it but they were all killed anyway. And he had a really great gun.

Ray has exciting dreams all the time with really great guns in many of them but the rare times that I remember my dreams, they are all about babyloss and sadness. Not that I want to dream about really great guns but you know something other than sadness would be kind of ok sometimes.

What do you dream about?


  1. a couple nights ago i had a dream about having low self-esteem. suuuuper.

    hugs! xo

  2. See my latest post. Losing things valuable to me.....

  3. Worst one ever- me and a group of babylost mamas at a reunion. Suddenly, babies started crying everywhere for their mothers, and one by one all the mamas crossed some invisible line and went and picked up their new babies. And when they were finished, everyone was paired up and I was alone. Doesn't take Dr Freud to figure that one out. Alan, on the other hand, dreams about trying to convince Paul McCartney to move to Brooklyn. Grrrr.

  4. I have never dreamt of Logan or babyloss. I guess that's a blessing. I have often wished for a dream, something. But my dreams are very dark and sick. Anything from mutilating my BFF, to losing my DD and searching for her in a valley of molested children. I have lots of dreams about rape and robbery, always have. Guess I've always felt violated and like something was stolen from me, even proir to my son. I dream about my ex from high school a lot too. Reunion type dreams. Weird. Those bother me a lot since I love my DH and have no interest in a 15 year ago relationship with a boy who wasn't very nice to me to begin with.



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