Wednesday 17 March 2010


Dear Universe

Hi there, me again. Sorry to bother you when you are so busy with black holes and dark flow stuff but there's something I need to ask.

Are you conspiring against us with that dotty old witch mother nature?

It's that time of the month again... no, not that time of the month... but the time of the month when we try not to think too much about the implications of sex and try to pretend that it's not filled with dark portents of doom and reminders of babyloss and try to enjoy it for the sexy fun that it used to be... oh yes, and *whispers* make a baby.

And then my throat feels as if it's coated in sandpaper and I start sniffling and snuffling and...

For goodness sake, I had NO colds last year at all and this year I have already had 3! And the last 2 were at this time of the month too!

What, oh wise and ancient universe, the hell are you playing at?! Take the globular clusters from your ears and listen... an alarm? Yes, that's my bloody biological clock going off. And it's rattling itself from the shelf.

You are making me write in italic. And bold.

Pack it in.

ps. conception vibes urgently needed


  1. Oh Barb. I'm sending them!
    Love to you.

  2. The universe is on everyone's complaint list these days. I hope the big U listens to you soon. Seems like with enough italics and bold print something would have to get through. I think my letters are being returned to sender...


  3. I feel like I can't curse the universe anymore, it case it retaliates. So now I'm pleading with it. Pretty, pretty, pretty please!!! I do it all day, every day. I'm in the two week wait. This TTC thing is so difficult and getting more difficult with each passing month.

    I'm sending lots of pretty pleases up for you too.

    Plese universe PLEEEEAASEE!!!

  4. I find myself talking to the Universe too! I hope it listens to you.

  5. Sending lots and lots of conception vibes your way!! xx

  6. Silly universe! Am sending heaps of conception vibes your way!

  7. Super Earth Mama Fertility Dance coming your way with a side of conception vibes. xo

  8. You tell her!!!

    Conception vibes being sent...

  9. Barbara,
    sending great big conception vibes off your way with a great big push.

    please, no diverting said conception vibes to other people ok? just straight to Barbara.



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