Friday 18 September 2009

Day 21 blood

I missed last months opportunity to get this bloody show on the road because, well, I'm not even sure I'm ready for any sort of intervention yet? Because I'm dreading the fertile nurse telling us that's that my time is up, go home and stop longing? Because day 21 of my last cycle was just too inconvenient?

Whatever it was I decided last night that it had to be done. And my GP's surgery couldn't (wouldn't? They can be rather awkward) fit me in so I had to drag Ray to the hospital phlebotomy department.

Interesting word, phlebotomy. Makes me think of phlegm and lobotomy... We've spent a lot of time in that rambling huge old and new hospital over the last year. Maternity, so many times through my pregnancy for bleeding or spotting, Gynaecology for the scary bloody mess I was in a week after losing George, Surgery (zzzzzz), the morgue (to collect George from the kindest lady who had a biodegradable box made for him because I didn't want a coffin). Audiology for Ray, (he's not going deaf. Woop. He has Meniere's disorder. Boo.) and now Phlebotomy. There are miles of corridors linking departments and in a tribute to hospital directions, I have to say we've never been lost.

Because we are tight fisted and refused to pay to park, and because we chickened out of parking in the bank/pub/supermarket car parks due to the large signs threatening to clamp/tow/fine our poor little car to death we found free parking outside the hospital.

The phlebotomy department ladies called me in and proceeded to involve me in their complaint about christmas coming earlier and earlier every year. Did I know it was only 15 weeks till christmas? Did I know that M&.S have all their christmas cards and decorations on display already? Have you ever not noticed someone sticking a huge needle into your arm? Damn that phlegmy lobotomist was good.


  1. That is the strangest word I've ever heard! And no clue what it means :) But yes, I irritatingly rate my nurses and their blood draw skills. A good sticker is to be treasured, for sure.

    I hope this brings you some answers. And maybe, a little bit of comfort.

  2. I got a cranky lab nurse the other week - uh oh!! Can always tell by their mood if it's gonna hurt or not. Glad you had a nice one and lots of distractions. Somehow having to go to hospitals/labs/etc. after babyloss just seems wrong. Insult to injury. Shouldn't we all be sent to a spa or something instead? hugs!

  3. Hoping for answers and some hope for you, Barbara.


  4. Holding out for your good news.

  5. For years, I thought phlebotomy had something to do with the lungs because of the "phlegm" thing.

    But, Barb- you left out the most important part. Does phelbotomy serve tea?

    Wishing you some answers- all the good ones.

  6. Here is hoping that you get some answers and some easy solutions.

  7. My tenant is a nurse and uses the word all the time...NOW I know what it means!

    Barb - been thinking tons about you and Ray and George this time of year.


    ps - my verification word is 'fritted', does that mean something?? he he

  8. Ugh.. my nurse this morning pretended she knew all about the way things work... but as a regular I know she's just a Saturday casual, barely out of high school and I was so not in the mood. Not to mention this is the second week in a row I've been 'lucky' enough to get her (prob a very nice girl but now as a vamp in a fertility clinic!) and she hurts!
    I know what you mean about not being ready for intervention. It just doesn't seem right, does it? The world is so feckin' unfair.
    It's got to be our turn soon!


  9. If it is possible to perpetually have my fingers crossed for you, they are...and my toes!
    I give you huge kudos for returning to the scene of the crime repeatedly. I, being the great coward that I am, have never returned to the doc's office where it all started to do downhill, and whenever I HAVE to go to the hospital, I cringe and sort of freak out. There are few people left in this world that I hope get a baby. You're on that list Barb. Hoping, hoping, hoping!!

  10. crossing everything for you and Ray. xxx



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