Wednesday 16 September 2009

Cuteness overload

Prepacked kitteh

He's laughing at me, isn't he? Beastly savage.

Nasal cuteness.

*brrrrp* Oops pardon moi

Our cats were born at the end of February. They are almost the same age that George should be.

Should be/would be/could have been/might have been. My choice of words seems to follow my state of mind. On a good day my might have been child sits sort of comfortably on my shoulder, observing the world he might have been born into had circumstances been different. On not so good days George should be here, we should have taken him to Cornwall with us and he would have kept us awake all night in an unfamiliar guest house.

And it would have been wonderful.

And his absence is palpable.



  1. George SHOULD indeed be in your arms. I love the kitten kiss photo, its my favorite

  2. Too cute for words, Barbara. I want one. Or two.

    And I'm with Sarah - George should be here.


  3. I love the cat in the box photo, thanks.

    Sorry, B, for all the "should have beens" that you all have been denied. ((Hugs))

  4. I confess that I'm allergic to cats- but these are cute enough that I'd make an exception.

    I had a shocker of a "should have been" a couple of weeks ago when I realized that that day should have been my frst day back at work from maternity leave. It all seems like so long ago and so just now all of a sudden.

    Love and hugs.

  5. They are so cute, what pals.

    George should be growing up with them. It isn't fair.


  6. oh they are so devine!
    i am a huge cat lover.

    i have just done a photo session with my 2.5wk old kittens.

    stay tuned for pics on my blog


  7. I am so sorry yor sweet George is not here in yoru arms. It breaks my heart for us all. xx

  8. The Kittehs are lovely!

    Am so sorry that George is nt there...I feel how much he is on your mind...and I am sorry he is not in your arms right now...I am so sorry.

  9. Yes, George should be here. xxx

  10. always loving your kittehs ;-) As for ages... I bought a big green (Alexandrine) parrot. It turned out he was born about the same time as Ciaran. So he is turning one. And starting to talk up a storm. His name is George... xxxx

  11. I've been a bad blog friend lately, things are just moving to fast. I'm sorry I've been M.I.A. lately. Love the photos of the kittehs as always! the kitty kiss is my favorite. George should be here, in your arms. Your love for him is beautiful beyond measure.



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