Thursday 6 October 2011

Wedding dressing

Dress inspiration.

While mooching about the internets for some wedding inspiration I came across this dress... ooooohhh gasp!... THE dress. I wanted it, I needed it, I must have it... hmm... expensive = bad. On sale = good/bad still expensive but my credit card would take it (badly). Tiny sizes only = bad bad bad! (credit card breathes sigh of relief)
After seeking high and low for another similar/secondhand dress I determined that I must make my own wedding dress. I used to make lots of clothes but not for many years now... I hope I still can.

As you can tell I'm not looking for a traditional white wedding dress; no no not me at all! What I  really I want is something cheap and cheerful that will stand up to a beach picnic and is likely to be worn again either shortened to day dress size or long top/tunic size.

I love the style of the Libelula dress, it is made of beautiful hand painted bias cut silk georgette and if you know where I can get some just like that I will love you forever and ever!

And so I began the Great Fabric Hunt, ably assisted on the other side of the pond by dear Danielle.

Please tell me honestly what you think of the patterns and these fabrics. I will probably end up with a franken-pattern made up of two or three others since I can't seem to find THE pattern either. And if you have any suggestions please let me know.

Top middle: must have sleeves. This dress would be made of any of the georgettes or non-stretch cottons.

Also for georgettes, the red one but long.

For any of the stretchy fabrics, love the drapy sashy tie, would make it long with short/cap sleeves.

Wrap type dress, also for stretchy fabrics, but long.

The Fabrics so far.

In no particular order of belikedness:

1.  100% silk georgette, rather expensive, very lovely (I have a sample), very sheer and needing lining making it a complicated dress (for me) to make and, knowing me, not likely to be ever worn again! Oh but it's sooooo pretty!

2.  100% cotton with bilateral stretch, maybe a teeny bit stiff (I have a sample, would wash softer I think - must go and do that) but oh so very pretty. I like it a lot and I could definitely shorten it for post-wedding wear.

Four lovelies found by Danielle:

3.  Silk georgette; ivory on tan but seems almost a nude colour, not what I was originally thinking of but I like it a lot and I think it would look rather elegant with darker piping around the neck/arms/sash and maybe even a bit of beading around the edges... not that I've ever attempted beading!

4.  Another silk georgette, I found this one during one of my searches too, summery and light, wide spaced pattern, again with one of the colours picked out in piping.

 5.  Beautiful linen/rayon with blossom embroidery (needing a total rethink of pattern) but a teeny bit too expensive!

6.  Japanese double gauze, lovely random print. There are other double gauze fabrics on the site which are gorgeous too and it's a lovely soft fabric to wear (especially for babies clothes :o/ ) Maybe the pattern is a bit too tiny for me.

From my ebay fabric hunt:

7.  100% cotton lawn border print on pale blue, soft thin cotton with nice drape. Love the border print but not likely to be made into a shorter wearable version.

8.  Viscose georgette, very pretty, half the price of the silk Georgette. Love the wide spaced pattern.

9.  Another georgette, pretty but I think it might be a bit too much oh-my-god-she's-wearing-the-curtains.

10.  100% cotton jersey, like Tshirt fabric, I like this a lot, very pretty, very inexpensive and one of the few along with the next one that I would definitely wear again, shortening the dress into a tunic top and possibly making another top from the rest of the skirt. I like this one more and more and more...

11.  Another 100% cotton jersey. I think I like this, not as much as the one above but I like the splashes of red, I think.

There you have it. Writing this post has been fun and has helped me narrow down my choices (so far).

Number 2 and 10 are my current favourites. Both would be suitable for beach or garden activities, both would look elegant but fun (I think!) Both would be very comfortable being stretchy. Number two would cost about £39 with postage. and Number 10 would cost about £25 with postage. If I decide to use piping then an extra £5. A bit more for cottons and machine needles specifically for jersey/stretch fabrics. All together that would make for a wedding dress costing under £50! Ideal! I also thought I might stitch on two tiny lace butterflies somewhere near my heart...

Any and all fabric or pattern suggestions gratefully received!


  1. Simplicity pattern, 4 and 11 are my faves. I made my own wedding dress (with my MIL). It was awesome fun!!!

  2. #8 & 11 for fabrics are my favourite - what fun! You are so crafty, lady. Can't wait to see the pictures of you & Ray.

  3. #8 is my favorite, looks very elegant

  4. Wedding planning is so much fun. I love that you are writing about it here. I really love print number 2, especially in a wrap dress. Very pretty

  5. i absolutely love #2, #8, & #11!!! best of luck making the dress!!! can't wait to see pictures!!!

  6. Love #10......

  7. Now that I see #8, I think it's closest to the original fabric, which I love. I may be voting there as well.

  8. Oooh don't make me pick! But if I have to, 8 for mine. And I love v-neck style dresses. And the wrap style. My wedding dress was v-neck.
    This is fun!

  9. I love the top pattern & #10. The first fabric is my first choice, but I would hate to have to line it & I would definitely make something that you will shorten & wear again. Best wishes! We eloped & I didn't get to plan a wedding, so I will enjoy your plans,if you don't mind.

  10. I like #8 with a wrap style dress. I do love the #10 fabric as well.

  11. The first pattern is my favorite BY FAR, and I adore adore adore fabrics 10 & 11.

  12. Oh what a bummer about the dress! It's lovely! But you can make your own dress that will be equally as beautiful. I like the first pattern best, long length. As far as fabrics I like #2 best. Cant wait to hear what you choose!

  13. How gorgeous! I like fabrics 2 and 8. And a V neck wrap is a winner. I love that sytle too. xxx

  14. hands down, dress #2 and fabric #8. so lovely. thrilled to pieces for you - you will be gorgeous. i'm envious that you can make your own clothes! xo



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