Sunday 16 October 2011

Five good things

More good news.

21 lengths of this swimming pool. (Which is rather tattier these days than this just-built brochure shot)
25m x 21 = 525m = pleased with myself. It may only be a third of a mile but when I started a few weeks ago I could barely manage 4 lengths without gasping for air. Next week 25 lengths. Attainable goal attained = feeling good about self = good thing.

Being held really tight while I cry.

Snuggling with a kitteh and a blankie.

Autumn leaves.


  1. Way to go with your swimming!

    Five good things:
    Safe arrival of my friend Erika's baby girl
    Just back from an amazing run, perfect day and went longer than I planned
    Turkey dinner last night at our church with homemade apple pie for dessert
    Music class starting with a friend I can't seem to catch up with otherwise
    Butternut mac and cheese ready to pop in the oven for dinner tonight!

    I wonder sometimes if too many of my good things are food related.

  2. Wow- 21 lengths is impressive!

    "Best American Short Stories" collection is out for 2011- the one book I buy every year.
    Our favorite nephew is coming for a visit this week. (with his girlfriend- I am ancient!)
    The start of changing leaves.
    Finishing the crossword puzzle.
    A warm bath waiting at the end of the evening.

  3. The zoo. I love the zoo!
    Colourful balloons floating up to the heavens.
    Meeting rainbow babies.
    Indian takeaway for dinner (always has to be a food one).
    Sun, sun and more sun!



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