Sunday 2 October 2011

Five good things

Sometimes it take ages for me to sift through the week for good things and sometimes I have more than five. Sometimes I don't think I will find any, but there's always something good, however small.

A 2.7K walk (1.7 miles) to get a cup of tea and a packet of crisps. Followed by a 2.7k walk back to the car. Ouch but in a (mostly) good way.

Unseasonable sunshine.

The last tomatoes ripening in the (unseasonable) sun.

Finally getting my boobs under control after about 4 months of, often agonising, fibrocystic breast pain after ovulation until my period (boo) starts. Whoop. (Definitely Vitex and taking my bra off at every opportunity and possibly DHEA if anyone is interested). I've been walking around randomly squeezing my mostly non-painful boobs: Ray finds it most distracting.

Having something to look forward to. It's been a long time. Hey, I'm getting married!

Pleeeeease join in. What good things found you last week?


  1. 1. Coming home today to find hubby making a new and improved fire pit in the back yard!

    2. Sitting around a warm cozy fire in the new and improved fire pit this crisp October evening.

    3. Chili simmering on the stove.

    4. Hubby being passionate about bicycles ... rather than some of the many undesirable hobbies he could have chosen.

    5. Leo feeling so spunky this weekend he actually RAN a little bit!

    So glad your boobies are feeling better!

  2. Getting to see Angie, Sarah, and Gabby this weekend.
    A difficult conversation that may have actually gotten somewhere.
    A new interest that arose out of a sticky situation.
    An easier work schedule this week.
    Finding an interesting book on our shelves that I hadn't known was there.

  3. Seeing my family
    Lobster and chowder
    Sitting in the sun (one day in the midst of weeks of rain) reading
    Sitting outside with no mosquitos!
    Smelling and seeing the ocean

  4. 1. OCTOBER!
    2. Cooler temperatures
    3. Pumpkin everything - lattes, muffins, bread
    4. Halloween is coming!
    5. Closer to Christmas, which means closer to seeing my parents again.

  5. 1. Getting over (mostly!) the flu in our house!
    2. Beautiful autumn days that remind me that I really can't hate fall just because that's when I lost still has so much beauty.
    3. Learning things about my camera!
    4. My rambunctious golden retriever spending some time visiting his aunt so I have some calm time at home (ha ha!)
    5. Good friends willing to do unthinkable things for us when needed. glad you have the fibroids under control...I had a roommate in college who suffered like that and she had to cut all caffeine out of her diet and that made a big difference for her. I felt terrible for her because you could tell it hurt. Thankful for some relief for you!

  6. I look forward to your five things each week. Glad for some boob relief, and for your upcoming wedding :)
    1) my sweet kitty who waits for us by the door each day
    2) tea
    3) cooler temps to drink #2
    4) very few tarantulas this year
    5) boots :)

  7. Going to the shack with my family
    Listening to the ocean during an afternoon nap
    My Love making rumballs for me
    The architect finally getting plans done for our extension
    Just spending time with my loves


    I love your 5 things :)

  8. Oh, so late to this!
    Spring rain.
    Raspberry fool.
    A haircut (well not yet, but tomorrow).
    New words from the boy.
    Feeling like I am coping.



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