Sunday 9 October 2011

Five good things

Your comments on The Great Wedding Fabric Hunt. Thank you! (Well no, of course I haven't decided yet!)

Taking Ray's mum for a cup of tea somewhere local she had never been before.

Saving a butterfly from the evil claws of a kitteh who knows no better.

Beautiful words: solipsism, turgid, diaphanous, insidious, ailurophile, fury, repose, circumlocution, ecstasis, hubris... I could go on.

Kitteh bookends keeping me warm. Or rather, two kittehs trying to get a piece of the snugly blanket action.

Please join in, what good things found you last week?


  1. 1. Sunshine filled Autumn days
    2. Open windows
    3. Sitting around the firepit with hubby and dog
    4. Orange spiced pecans at bookclub
    5. Naps

  2. Playing hooky from work and going to the movies by myself in the middle of the day.
    One last burst of summer.
    Family lunch that went better than usual.
    Meeting an old friend for ice cream.
    And I'll second the nap thing!

  3. 1. Came home and found a tin of five-layer squares, my favorite treat that my husband makes, waiting for me
    2. Roses and dinner outside by a fire for our anniversary
    3. My morning glories (FINALLY!) starting to bloom
    4. All the flowers all over the house (that I brought in for fear of a killing frost, which hasn't happened yet)
    5. Getting some homemade golumpkis from my neighbor after thinking we wouldn't get any this year when the church fair got cancelled

    Eager to see you fabric/pattern decisions

  4. 1. Cooler weather & rain in Texas, FINALLY!
    2. A nice nap while it rained.
    3. New blog followers.
    4. Packages in the mail.
    4. Going to our granddaughter's band concert.

    This is not good, but I guess in a way it was, as she meant it as a gift for us - our kitty brought in a huge rat - the 1st one I've ever seen in real life. It was disposed of quickly, much to her chagrin!

    Looking forward to the fabric & pattern you choose!

  5. Home made biscuits from a recipe off a dear blogger friend.
    Home made passionfruit slice using passionfruits off the vine of a dear blogger friend (not the same friend as above!)
    Catching up on blog reading.
    My new mattress (I'm sure I've used this one before, but god I love it).
    Hanging some family photos on my walls, including photos of all three of my babies.

  6. 1. Go outside and enjoy the sun
    2. make cookies
    3. smell the autumn
    4. enjoy the evenings with friends
    5. dink lots of tes



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