Sunday 30 January 2011

Five good things

Ray's test revealed a healthy bowel and a VERY relived pair of Poppets.

We would like to see an active volcano and since Iceland tends to live up to it's name we have decided to visit Hawaii as we think it might be a tad warmer. It might take us 3 or 4 years to save enough but we WILL do it.

And now I'm struggling...

Today should have been different. But it's quiet; I can lie in bed until 10am, listen to my gardening programme on the radio, drink my tea and snuggle with my Poppet and two lazy kittehs. I bet it sounds like a good thing and yes indeed it is. But I'd give almost anything for noise and chaos and exhaustion.

What good things found you this week?


  1. I ate a bunch of chocolate cookies

  2. To be honest I've had a pretty rotten week and would struggle to get to the five. Shameful, I know. But I could easily give you five good things about Hawaii, volcanoes included. We were on the Big Island visiting the volcanoes on Hope's 6 month anniversary. Bittersweet memories, but whan an amazing spot. I hope you make it.

  3. Barbara,

    So relieved that everything is ok with Ray. I can't imagine what a stressful situation that was for the both of you. Also, I am so sorry that you should be wrestling with Little Poppet and no sleep and crazy days right now but instead you are not.

    Hugs to you

  4. Salted caramels. (4 in the box, but that's cheating!)
    A heartwarming conversation with a good friend.
    Taking my grandmother for a manicure and watching her smile.
    2 weeks until vacation.
    The return of your 5 good things posts!

  5. Well thanks for sharing, Hope your doin good now.

  6. Well yeah, I'm doin just fine and dandy... ?

  7. I'm glad Ray is okay - you don't need any more stress. Hoping the universe and 2011 are kinder. Wish your house was busy with Little Poppet. All good thoughts, Barbara, coming your way from way over here. (((Hugs)))

  8. 1. Ray is okay!
    2. I like my new job.
    3. Lovely in-person breakfast with two babyloss mamas this morning.
    4. Chicken potpie in oven right now.
    5. Family coming for super bowl/chili dinner tomorrow.

    it was nice to have five whole things this week. sending love. xo



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