Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Those people

Those people have been in love for four whole months.

Those people are excited by the life they are beginning together.

Those people are learning to fill their lives with love.

Those people have smiles and laughter that come easily.

Those people are full of hope.

Those people don't yet know the loss of a child.

I miss those people.


  1. Oh, I hear you. Much as I like these people, I wish I could have met those, too.

  2. I didn't know those people. But I miss them too. I knew a couple just like them, actually. Sometimes I wonder how they get through their days. I guess you sometimes wonder the same.

    Hugs Barb x

  3. oh! how funny. i came across a VERY similar photo of brian and i this very day, at the bottom of a pile of papers. it's from 2 1/2 years ago. it's our "before" photo. before the grief makeover. ugh.

    sending love. xo

  4. Wow. What a post. Three years after we got married, I bought the disc of all our wedding photos for cheap from our photographer. And when I looked at our pictures again, I thought the same thing. How we just looked different. How happy and innocent were our smiles. How we had no idea what would soon be in store for us.

    I know I'm not much for posting or commenting lately, but I think of you often and am sending love and hope your way.

  5. It's a really lovely photo. I wish those people had never experienced such loss.


  6. so true~sadly, we are forever changed. i missed the old me for a long time. now i barely remember....

  7. xoxo

    I am so glad that you and Ray met...

  8. Missing them with you.
    You guys are beautiful.

  9. I don't recognize photos of us pre-death either. Seems to me that I wear myself differently now. One good thing about the photos of us now vs. then...we've been in love for five years now. I'm sure you feel the same.



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