Saturday 22 January 2011

Lola is lost

Woman Anyone?: I am a Bloody Fool

Please please please go and wrap Wise Guy and her family in your love.

Her precious Lola died.

It's so sad, it's so unfair.
Why does this keep happening?


  1. I dont know. I feel so sick right now. I just want to puke.

  2. I can't stop crying for her...just heartbroken and weeping....

  3. I have been sobbing almost all day, and grief is so entangling and twisty, I don't know which of my tears are for her Lola and which are for my baby anymore; but I do know that I am so incredibly angry and devastated that things like this happen....beyond angry, beyond devastated...I'm in a place of such absolute sadness that people have to endure pain so great.

  4. this news has come as such a shock. it is heartbreaking and unfair and I just keep thinking of poor, poor Wiseguy. It's too much.



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