Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Uh oh

You know how I carefully planned our caravan holiday to carefully avoid periods and whatnot?

Well, the period was a distressing 3 monster crampingly days late (NOT pregnant).

And I carefully forgot to plan the weather.

Hopefully monsoon season will be short over here and finish on Sunday evening.

I've still got washing outside dripping.

We borrowed Ray's friend's waterproof video camera. Waterproof. Ha ha.

As much as I mentioned that the sound of rain on a caravan roof was "nice" it doesn't mean that I want to hear it all next week... are you listening universe? Probably not eh? Why break a two year habit.

Oh yes and Ray broke a tooth.

Despite this I remain excited about getting away.

As of Monday, please send your very best non-rain-no-disaster vibes to us. I think we need them. Thank you.


  1. *Doing a non-rain dance for you*

  2. It is pouring here. Hoping this distracts the rain gods enough that they leave you alone.

  3. Sending the vibes now...why wait till Monday? :)

  4.'s POURING's been POURING all week. We've needed rain, but my, this is extreme!!!! Flood levels...hoping and praying it's not like that for you and the get-away leaves you rested and with special time together.

  5. fingers crossed that you're getting all the crap out of the way now so you can have a lovely break x

  6. Gearing up with my best 'rain, rain, go away' vibes. It is tipping it down here in 'the North' so hopefully it's getting it all out of the way before Monday!

  7. Hoping it does not rain...

    Can I say 'enjoy your getaway'? I don't know what to say really...

  8. I am sending thoughts of the southern california super dry weather your way.

    Either way, rain or shine, I hope you and Ray are able to have a lovely time.



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