Tuesday 14 September 2010

Escape plans

We're finally going away - on 4th October - only 3 weeks to go we have to wait nearly 3 more weeks!  Arranged carefully to avoid periods, carpet laying and decorating. Yes, I know, the universe laughs in the face of careful plans, hoped for sunshine and indeed, babies. It's an act of faith.

We're staying near Rye in Sussex. A seaside town which lost the sea. We're staying in a caravan. It was stupidly cheap and we get many more nights for our money than staying in hotels (I was planning on fancy-shmancy hotels but the miser in me won out). I haven't stayed in a caravan since I was little and I sort of hope it rains just for the noise on the roof. We're going to an area that is flat and marshy, wide and wild. Big skies, long beaches, sand dunes and lots of history. Names like Frenchman's beach, Ypres tower, Wish street, Cinque Ports street and Mermaid street intrigue me. And then there's Dungeness which I think will suit my mood and maybe help blow away a few cobwebs.

I've been desperate to get away since we lost Little P.

I need to get away from the blanket of gloom that has settled about me. The one so heavy and itchy and uncomfortable that it stopped me from getting myself an in-real-life hug.

If I could just leave it behind... or better still, drop it along the way...

Ray has an ulcer. Probably. Unpleasant tests. I worry. He stresses.

But we're not cancelling this holiday for anything.


  1. hello Barb. sooo glad you are finally able to get away. I would love to see you, to meet you in person, to hug you!!! if you have any free time then pls pls email me and if possible will drive to where you are or maybe meet half way just to say hi xxxxx

  2. I hope you have a peaceful, relaxing time away. You deserve that and so much more.

  3. I hope your time-away is soothing and relaxing...and that affords you some break from the pall you are donned in.

    Hope Ray gets better soon.

  4. Posptoned the hug, maybe- didn't stop it. Yours when you want it.

    Sounds like a wonderful adventure. I will wish for exactly one night of liquid sunshine on the roof of your caravan, and nothing but sunny days after that.

  5. I hope you have a lovely time away. Your description of the rain drumming on the roof of the caravan has me feeling nostalgic and I've never even stayed in one. x

  6. It sounds like a lovely place and I hope it brings some peace to your heart.

    I wish more than anything you wouldn't be able to go for other obvious reasons, but am so grateful that since that is not the reality, you and your husband will be able to just be and be with each other.

  7. Sounds wonderful. I hope you have some peaceful time away and that Ray starts to feel better soon.




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