Sunday 26 September 2010

A bit of chaos and Five good things

Ugh our house is a mess today.

We moved into the back bedroom on Thursday. We managed to fit in one king sized bed, my bedside cabinet and, in front of a stack of mirrors and pictures, one chest of drawers piled oh so high with stuff. I joked that it's getting us used to caravan living. Ha ha humph.

I had a moment of tears about the room that "shouldn't be ours" but it wasn't as awful as I thought it would be. In fact I slept almost peacefully. I say almost because I woke with a jolt after the open elevator I was on in Ray's game suddenly shot from beneath my feet and then it took me ages to relax again. When I woke up this morning I no longer felt as if we were trespassing. It was quiet and peaceful and sort of ok which is the best I hope for these days.

We have two exra chests of drawers in the living room along with another piece of furniture, the kitchen table is dismantled in the corner... in the kitchen is a large cupboard from the back bedroom and my wardrobe.

 Oh yes, I haven't shown you our new old cabinet with writing desk have I?
We travelled 20 miles with it tied to the roof of our car with rope. Fun.

I'm never going to find anything!

Oh the joy of decorating... we stripped the wallpaper in the hall today and one part of our bedroom.

The ceiling probably isn't coming down in the bedroom but it is going to have holes cut into it and heat/soundproofing stuffed in. No more sharing our heat with our neighbours upstairs. The Large Victorian terraced house was split in two many years ago, we get the garden half, nya nya.

Meanwhile Sketch knocked over a galileo thermometer while exploring the new living room layout and covered the place in some sort of petroleum substance... showering a cat is NOT fun, no indeed and he was most perturbed and I felt terribly guilty, but as soon as I sat down after wallpapering he was on my lap pounding and purring so I think I'm forgiven. I don't think Ray has forgiven him for breaking the thermometer yet though. It was a lovely big one we found at a boot sale.

Meanwhile Lyx spent most of the afternoon asleep on her chair.

Oh there's so much work to do!

And yes we will drop it and leave for our holiday on the 4th with nooooo problem!


Oh yes, five good things:

Being excited about going away. Being excited about anything at all is a really really good thing.

Seeing the lift in Ray's mood and his pleasure at receiving praise for his work.

Getting started with our bedroom. Finally.

Wallpaper coming off easily.

Winning a nice winter jacket on ebay for a bargain price.


  1. I LOOOVE that wall paper! :) Gorgeous job. I hope I can do something like that one day. It's giving me ideas...

  2. We moved into our place 3 years ago this weekend, and it looks exactly like yours does now. On a good day. I saw that pile in the back bedroom and thought, "Oh, yes- that's what the top of our dresser looks like." Looking forward to seeing the changes. So glad that you're looking forward to the time away.

  3. ah yes~i recognize the signs of renovations! hope it goes quickly for you, living in the clutter gets old fast! enjoy your vacation..

  4. Looks lovely! Love the five good things this week.

  5. Hi Barbara,

    I think I may have said this before on another post but I really love that wallpaper. It looks great and that new desk is a great addition.

    I am glad that sleeping in the back bedroom has not proved itself to be as difficult as you were expecting. I think that if anything that room, now occupied by you and your husband, is filled with love for your children.

    Thank you for sharing your, George's, and Little Poppet's life with us. Someone gave me a sweet blog award and I am passing it on to you.



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