Thursday 27 May 2010

I'm a knicker checking fool

Thank you SO much for all the comments and messages on my announcement. It means the world to me to have your support and lovely good wishes.

We have such a long way to go. At 42 there are so many risks and pitfalls to get past. I'm trying to take it one day at a time but I'd quite like to wake up at 21 weeks and be bored silly until the birth.


I'm still pregnant today which is good news.

I am nauseous which is good news.

My boobs are really sore which is good news.

I'm feeling frightened, anxious, restless and impatient which isn't so good.

Every time I feel a little... um... damp... I'm rushing to the toilet to check for blood. Which isn't good at all.

There's no blood at all which is super good fantastic news.

Hopefully the restlessness and anxious knicker checking symptoms will dissipate.

January is a looooooooooong way away.

Dr Compassion was speechless. "Oh............. wow........... er........... congratulations!"

Dr Compassion is contacting the consultant ob/gyn to get an appointment for me sooooooon.

I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday (in the UK the first appointment with a midwife is usually at around 8 weeks, I'll be 5w3d I think)

I'm terrified.

This is our last chance.

I'm so very glad you're all out there.


  1. Oh Barb! I remember doing the exact same checking thing! My fingers are crossed for you~xoxo

  2. Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I just found out! I am so happy for you and excited beyond belief!! I will keep you, Ray and your little one in my prayers every day! Wow Babara! I am crying here!!

  3. I remember checking constantly too b/c it worried me!

  4. I still check now Barb...even after losing Angel. Even my period terrifies me now,how sad is that? What you are going through is so normal and I am sure I am GOING to be exactly the same Hun. Thinking of you and I am so very proud of you xxx

  5. I am VERY familiar with knicker watch. I hope your midwife can get you in for an early reassurance scan, they are fab! Holding onto hope for you and sending very sticky vibes your way.

  6. So happy for you all, sore boobs and nauseous tummy, so wonderful. I am very happy to be here with you too.

  7. Yeah...yesterday it was pretty much agreed upon by all that this was going to be a Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long pregnancy and we were going to worry every single second.

    Ummm, yep.


    So excited for you though and hopeful and prayerful that January will be here before we know it!!!

  8. I still feel like I'm a knicker checking fool! I have to remind myself that if I see blood now, it's ok (well not really ok, bit of a pain in the ass really, but you know) because he's out and he's safe.
    Here for you 'til Jan and beyond, my friend.

  9. keeping my fingers crossed!

  10. HI barb. I am a knicker checking fool from way back too. We are all here willing and wishing you on and holding your hand when it is so very scary. Sending good vibes your way from Melbourne Australia xx

  11. I did too...praying your little bean sticks Barb...Much love

  12. Rejoicing that you're pregnant, Barb! Cheering that little one on. Hoping so hard. Sending love from far away.

  13. Wow... awesome news. Nearly missed it! Cross my fingers and wish you ALL THE BEST!! xoxo

  14. Way to render Dr Compassion speechless! And way to go, Dr Compassion, getting you an early appointment.

    Hope the knicker checking eases up as time passes healthily and uneventfully.

  15. Awwwesome way to impress Dr. Compassion!

    I am hoping and praying that the restlessness and knicker-checking stops, and that you come around to enjoying the sweet new life inside you...

    Sending tons of good vibes to you, Ray and the new bub!

  16. Oh Barb, I have happy tears here for your news. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

    I mainly wore black undies through my pregnancy with Tobias, in an attempt to make going to the loo a less traumatic experience - it didn't work.

    Wishing George's little bro/sis all the love and growing power in the world.

  17. You are not alone with the knicker checking. I did the same, and from the above comments it sounds like there are many knicker checkers. You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly....hope the prayer part is ok. If not, just think of it as super good vibes coming your way! :) I love January. My boy, who came after Victoria, made his appearance in January. A wonderful way to begin a new year. I wish you could somehow know how happy I am for you, and how much I love you my dear sweet friend!!!

  18. I'm 25 weeks along and I still check for blood every day.

    Sending love...



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