Sunday 16 May 2010

Outside myself

After the stress of the last few weeks we thought it was high time for a new adventure.

A search for some wonder.

I haven't walked far for quite a while but my feet were having a good day so we decided to go to Wistman's wood.

 A long but fairly flat path stretched out before us. Good, no climbing!

We could see our goal clinging to the right side of this beautiful valley.

Ancient dwarfed and twisted oak trees grow amongst the moss covered granite boulders.

Made safe from the nibbling teeth of moorland sheep, cows and ponies by the boulders, these woods have survived and regenerated the centuries of a cooling then warming climate, the human habitation that cut trees for fuel, farmed it and grazed animals on it and turned it into the beautiful moorland we see today.

 It's a peculiar, almost alien place.

A little spooky perhaps.

But goodness, you see the strangest things in an enchanted wood.

Back along the path basement cat watched us leave.

Spring comes late to Dartmoor. 
It is only just starting to unfurl.

Maybe a two mile walk wasn't such a good idea for my feet but it was worth it.

We just have to go back again when the trees are in leaf.

I found a little peace in that wild place. 
I'm hoping I brought a bit of it home with me too.


  1. Glad you had a nice walk and found some peace today.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful walk.

  3. We went on a walk in the woods today, too - hope some of that peace did follow you home.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I felt like I almost came on this walk with you.

  5. What a lovely and place of strange beauty to walk. I'm glad you found a bit of peace. The woods are such a wonderful place to find peace.

  6. Looks like a delightful time. Glad for your adventure.

  7. This is amazing. You said "I found a little peace in that wild place." I did too. Through these pictures. Thank you so much for that.

  8. Beautiful, thank you for sharing! So happy you found some peace.
    Love you.

  9. I am glad you found some peace in this beautiful place. <3



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