Wednesday 5 May 2010


I haven't had time. I've been worrying. I've been caring. I've been visiting. I've been neglecting. I've been avoiding thinking too far into the future.

My Mum was in hospital for 5 days with nasty asthma, home for a couple of weeks and then whooping up a coughing storm for the last week and a half.

She is my Dad's carer and so my Dad has been in a respite care home being pampered by the lovely care staff/nurses.

She tearfully misses him holding her hand. For 50 odd years they have only been apart for babies, fibroids and gallstones.

I miss things the way they were before Altzheimers elbowed it's way in.

My brother arrived yesterday and so I stopped worrying about my Mum being on her own and feeling guilty for not wanting to sleep on her floor.

My brother took my Dad for a pint of beer yesterday and is taking him to watch a football match in a pub tonight. My Dad is doing quite well out of this. And as Ray has noticed, being in an unfamiliar place has forced him to use his brain without having my Mum to fill in the gaps.

My Mum is beginning to recover. I am beginning to breath a little easier.


  1. Thinking of you with so much love! Here's to more moments of breathing easier my sweet friend.

  2. Lots to deal with...hoping for continued easier breathing. ((hugs))

  3. Wishing all of you the very best honey xx

  4. oh so much to worry about - i hope your mum breathes a bit easier each day. sending love and strength your way. ((((hugs)))

  5. Big hugs...sending lots of good wishes for a speedy and full recovery for your mum.

  6. Oh, sweetie- so sorry this is all going on. Hope that you can exhale more with each passing day and that those flowers in your garden are in gorgeous bloom.

  7. sending healing thoughts to your Mom~take care of yourself hon...

  8. Thinking of you and your parents. Hope your mom's recovery is speedy. ((hugs))

  9. Have missed you, friend.
    Sending love and warm hugs.

  10. Hope mom keeps getting stronger and stronger and your dad continues to manage ok without her. Reading this post reminded me of the Notebook (cry, cry, cry and cry more every time I see it) and what sweet love your mom and dad must have. Lots of thoughts and prayers for them and you!



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