Sunday 1 November 2009

Oh lordy what a day!

We have not long arrived home after what should have been a pleasant drive over Dartmoor to watch the sunset and relax.

We were driving home when the car started a-knocking and a-banging and a-violently-vibrating. We pulled into a tiny car park in the middle of the windswept wild moors and called last years christmas present from my parents; a membership of the Automobile Association. Hooray for over protective mothers!

After an hour or so he found us.

One of the wheel nuts had sheared off.

He patched us up.

Followed us.

Patched us up again.

Followed us home.

Car=money. We need a new wheel and new wheel nuts.

Huge apologies for not drawing names from random hats tonight but a shower and a cup of tea are all I can manage.

Tomorrow I promise.


  1. Awww- nothing like car trouble to ruin a relaxing day. And a bank account. Sorry things went south today. Hope it was a good, long, hot shower!

  2. So thankful you are safely home...enjoy your tea! Big hugs to your "overprotective" mother!! ;)

  3. You poor thing!
    Sometimes it seems like when all we want is a little peace, we end up with a huge piece...of you know what!!

  4. A hot cup of tea is the best cure for everything. I actually make a small kettle and sip it tucked in a blanket in front of the TV. So soothing.

  5. most be something in the air in this part of the world! Sam thing happened to us on Thursday, except we didn't have AA membership...

    On Thursday night we were stranded about 20 miles from home. We got a tow service out, was a really nice chap. We had a nice ride home in his truck cab together and he insisted on dropping the price on arrival because he said we were nice people :-)

    Our car blew a radiator hose (so it turned out Friday morning) J fixed it provisionally until the replacement part arrives in the post today (hopefully). So our car is not working for anything except a very local run if at all necessary.

    Funny but these kinda things don't phase me one bit nowadays. They are "just the car" or "just money". But i get incredibly irritated with or better over annoying, insensitive, stupid people.

    I'm glad you guys made it home safe and go AA in your case!
    I'll send you a load of good car vibes but they not that powerful these days, so it seems. :-P


  6. Oh no. I'm glad you and Ray are alright. And thank heavens for over protective mothers!

    Hope it isn't too pricey to fix. xo

  7. Thank God thar you are safe....hoping the new wheels are not a big hole in the wallet, and no more car trouble.


  8. Goodness, how dreadful! Thank God for overly protective and PRACTICAL mothers....What a super gift. My mom used to do stuff like that for me too and I never appreciated it when I was younger. Now, I wish she was still able to give me the practical gifts. Thankfully you're home safe and sound. Hugs

  9. Thank goodness for moms! ;)



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