Wednesday 3 October 2012

In which I have a minor breakdown.

I am reading blogs this morning with Felix sleeping on my chest. He's getting heavy, my breathing is becoming laboured but I don't want to move him because I love the living breathing humming grunting weight of him. I look at his face and see his brother and there's that familiar pain. Duller, yes, but still there.

I haven't written on my blog for a few weeks and you will see a HappyFelix post next week when he is 4 months old (I know!).

But I want to write about George and I have no reference point. I have no words to describe this new feeling. This holding-a-living-baby-after-so-much-pain-and-longing feeling. This missing-the-son-that-isn't-here-whilst-rejoicing-in-the-one-that-is feeling. I'm struggling with that.

I am happy, overjoyed, in awe, amazed. I look at him and laugh. He's real. He's really really real and he's mine! But then that old familiar dreary friend gives me a nudge. The friend I thought I had left behind somewhere between the hospital and home. Depression? Don't be silly: look at my life! I have a perfect little person becoming himself in front of my eyes. And yet.

I switch into practical mode. I'm not depressed (I hate that label) I'm tired and run down. I can tell that my iron levels are low because I felt like this the last time I was anaemic (before I became pregnant with George) so I'm taking my iron again. It was nice for a while, not taking my vitamins, not caring too much about what I ate, because I was only eating for me and not for his health too. But in the end it IS for his health too even if we're not physically connected and I can't breast feed (still breaks my heart). It's gone on too long. I've gained more weight, my bones ache, my feet hurt, my muscles scream at me and I need to get a grip.

I had a bit of a meltdown on Sunday, threw some toys from my own pram, cried as I haven't cried in a long time and got sent to bed at 9.30. And I slept. Oh how I slept. Glorious wonderful sleep. I woke at 6am listening for breathing sounds and shot out of bed when I heard none. Ah but there were no breathing bodies to check. Bless all that is Ray for staying up all night with Felix sleeping restlessly in the living room to give me some peace. Poor chap, I think I frightened him with my freak out. I'm normally the calmer one.

I sent him to bed, finished feeding our son, who went immediately into a deep 3 hour sleep, and took a handful of vitamins.

Life is good. Even when it isn't.


  1. I think this is SO normal, and so much a part of life with a new baby after so much sadness. Now is the time to just let it be. Try to just BE with your feelings and not worry about figuring them out. It works alright for me sometimes... :)

  2. Yes. I totally understand. It's there for me too. I still need to get a grip 18 months later. We seem to think that having our really, really real and all mine babes with us means we have to soldier in and be happy always because we KNOW how lucky we are. Or at least that's a summary of my life. Hugs barb xxx

  3. Oh my dear. I feel for you so very much. It is so difficult and all tangled up with guilt and sadness and joy and love.

    Sleep deprivation is hard. Looking after a new born is hard. Grieving is hard. Trying to do three difficult at once? Well, don't beat yourself up. Please don't. You don't have to solider on and ALWAYS be happy. That just isn't part of the human condition ;) and it doesn't mean you love Felix ANY less. Not at all.

    Good for Ray! He is a star! Be kind to yourself my dear xo

  4. It's so fucking complicated. Happiness twinged with sadness and throw in sleep deprivation and it's a mess. Hang in there, you're doing an amazing job (and you've got a good man, there). xo



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