Monday 10 September 2012

12 weeks old. Oh my.

See. See. I told you... whoooosh... 12 weeks gone in the blink of an eye!

 This is his first babygrow. It was big on him when he first wore it. Oh my how he has sprouted!

He smiles and smiles (in between the sleeping, pooping, vomiting and screaming) And waking up, however early, to a big gummy grin is always lovely!

The pleasure of holding this warm cuddly body so full of noisy life is something that I never ever thought I'd be able to enjoy. And I do enjoy it. Every moment. Treasured.

I remind myself every day that he is here and he is mine.

He is wonderful.

He is gorgeous.

He is lovely.

I am lucky 

And still, and yet, every day I think and I wonder. There should be three.


  1. I think these very thoughts all the time. All. The. Time.

    He is truly lovely, Barbara. And so is George. And so would Little Poppet have been.

  2. He actually reminds me a lot of my own boy! And I have (had!) that exact swing as well, and have some photos that look just like these.
    And yes I know - three. You should have your three. I wont ever forget that.

  3. Yes sweetheart... All of it. He is GORGEOUS!!! But, I too, have those thoughts of how many there 'should' be... Hugs

  4. He is amazing—love that smile in the middle (and his pensive look, almost looks like he is contemplating his older siblings with you).

  5. He is beautiful. And yes, every day, I think the same thing. There should be three here :::sigh::: I will never forget.

  6. He is gorgeous.

    Keeping all the three kids in my thoughts.




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