Sunday, 19 August 2012

Felix's handy hints and tips on how to rule the world.

(or how to get your lazy parents out of bed on a Sunday morning)

1. Summon up the biggest poonami yet on Mummy - squidge as much poo out of your nappy and onto mummy's belly as possible (the stinkier the better) bonus points for getting it on the clean-on-last-night duvet cover.

Then, whilst Mummy runs screaming naked to the shower...

2. Wait until Daddy places you on the bed after clean up and vomit copiously forcing Daddy to strip you bare (try to aim it at Daddy if at all possible).

And then, just as Daddy is about to bring you to Mummy in the shower...

3. Produce an impressive pee fountain on the bed (try to aim it at Daddy if at all possible).

4. Enjoy your shower, pretend nothing happened and be calmer than you have been in days.


  1. You know, I just may try that! But I'm not letting Jonathan read this- he's way too eager to play new games at this stage, and we may try to pass this one by.

  2. Now this is running through my head...

    Oh, what a poo-tiful morning.
    Oh, what a poo-tiful day.
    Suddenly without a warning,
    You'd better watch your duvet!

  3. Ha, funny! It was most certainly a poo-tiful morning!



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