Thursday 26 April 2012

29 weeks

We bought a pram! Holy crap how's that for optimism?! It's a second hand bargain from eb.ay arriving tomorrow. This one in red. With the carrycot, footmuff and raincovers for a whole hellofalot less than the new price.

After buying it I was panic stricken for a while. Should I have? Is it too soon? Am I tempting fate? Wait a moment. I don't believe in fate. And then I got over it. Sort of. It was a bargain! And now we just have to get this seat to go with it for when he's older. Well, I have to. At some point. One day. Eventually. Ray reminded me that we might need the money for nappies and clothes too... ah budget babystuff buying!

I saw my midwife on Tuesday and all is well.

Apparently I have "really strong" stomach muscles (or tight and sore from my point of view) and she had a hard time finding out how Marmaduke was lying. Oblique, head down, again. 6 pack? Moi?

Ray recorded Marmaduke's marvellous heartbeat but the file got lost on the way to the computer. Try again next time.

I had a growth scan yesterday and all is well. He's slightly above average which shows the placenta is working well. We took my Mum to see her grandson on screen for the first time and she has been smiling ever since. It was so nice to see her joy. We were given a lovely picture which you can see here. Marmaduke was head up this time.

The consultant again brought up the subject of induction at 39 weeks. Sigh. I told her I wasn't keen and she put her head in her hands (!) I trust the consultant and she knows our history intimately so I will probably (reluctantly) go along with it in the end as my nerves become more and more frayed. (Note to self: must stop poking baby while he is sleeping, especially when he is out)

I have an occasional sore spot on my belly which she poked and told me is one of the evilfibroids which this time is not indenting into the uterus at all and quite small. A patch of uterus that won't stretch as much as the rest. I'm still getting ligament pain but that's because of my ancientness and my superhero belly muscles. Ahem. How,  how is it possible to have strong stomach muscles under a flabby unexercised belly? How???

So. 11 weeks to go if I'm brave/foolish enough.

Or 10 if I'm induced.

Or maybe a teeny bit less if anyone has any tips for bringing on labour at 38+ weeks???


Best think of a name then eh?


  1. Happy Happy 29 weeks! Maybe it seems redundant, but I am very happy to read these updates from you.

    I am a C-Section girl...don't have any tips for inducing labour sorry...but yeah, do trust your doc on this....39 weeks is fantastic gestation period.

    The pram is beautiful.

    I am glad you took your Mum for the u/s. So precious.

  2. Yay! It is scary buying big baby items ... tempting fate and all that. But it is also inviting hope and letting you prepare and celebrate the baby alive and well in you right now. It's a delicate balance but I'm glad you are letting yourself plan and prepare.
    No tips on the labor thing ... tried all kinds of things when preggers with Liam (sex at 40+ weeks is TERRIBLE), walking, eating certain foods ... none of it worked. Your body will go into labor when ready. Induction has it's place but you have to make the decision and do what you think is best for baby. You still have time to decide. And who knows, you could go into labor at 39 weeks!
    So happy things are going well!

  3. Nothing worked for us either, and I too was post due date with Hope. He will come when he's ready. But if you have to go down the early induction path, then so be it. If your body is ready, that will make things much easier. I was BEGGING to be induced with Angus, but neither he nor I were ready, so I went in for the c-section. Looking back I wish I waited a bit longer, but I just couldn't. And I don't care now, he's here and alive and marvellous.
    Oh I loved this post.

  4. What a handsome boy you are! Such great news Barbara. Love the pram too.

    Waiting to see the wedding dress.
    Waiting to see the wedding bands you made.
    Waiting to know the name of your son.

    All good things are so worth the wait. xo

  5. Such wonderful news! I so look forward to these updates. I can't wait to see your sweet son's beautiful face. We already know you make beautiful babies.

  6. Aww - he has very kissable lips on that scan picture:)

    My natural gestating period seems to be 40+ weeks too and nothing artificial seemed to change that so I have no advice on that one.

    Loving the snazzy pram (even better when it's a fleabay bargain!!) and really surprised to hear that Marmaduke will not be his given name!!!
    Hope you find one as cute that fits him.

  7. Oh I LOVE that pram! And I'm very jealous of your stomach muscles, I don't think I'll ever get a compliment on mine!

    I was induced at 38 weeks. I had a medical induction, it all went VERY straightforwardly. My little Reuben was 8lb 11oz at 38 weeks so I was quite glad I had the induction or he might have had to come out the sun roof! You must go with what you feel is right for you and Marmaduke but just wanted to let you know that it is possible to have an induction before term and have everything go absolutely swimmingly. In fact my labour was very fast once it got going (4 hours from going in to birth) so I recommend it!

    And he'll always be Marmaduke in my mind!

  8. Ummm, I love that stroller! Pram, rather :) I LOVE the color and I LOVE how cool it looks. And yes, even better that it's a bargain!!!!

    More, though...I love, love, love how close you are...I wish I had advice for inducing (trust me, tried, tried, tried with Matthew...he decided he wasn't going ANYWHERE...and at 40w5, they finally took pity on me!), but am just so happy for you and love the updates!!

  9. I'll add to what Catherine said. I couldn't wait. I requested to be induced at 38 weeks. It went perfectly for me, no hiccups or troubles.

    LOVE that pram. And his profile picture. And hearing all the goodness that you have to tell :) <3

  10. Yay!!! Pram was a huge step. :)



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