Thursday 19 April 2012

28 weeks

Pardon me and excuse me very much but...

Bloody flipping hell!

I never thought I would be here at 28 weeks with Marmaduke doing a bit of diy on my bladder and trying to shove the laptop off his bump with a jujitsu move if I dare to let it rest there for a moment too long.

I'm amazed at every day that passes.

I gaze in awe and wonderment at my rolling shifting belly.

I pass the hall mirror, catch my own eye and have to pause. Is that me? Goodness I am huge and becoming more huge by the moment (an inch a day according to Ray).

There's a real live baby in there?

There's a real. live. baby. in. there.


I'm starting my third trimester aren't I?

I haven't heard from the hospital about my GT test which I'm taking as good news since they say they will only be in contact if there is a problem.

Amy and Jason's Seamus arrived safely. Isn't that just utterly wonderful!


  1. What a brilliant update - hurrah for the third trimester and an inch a day!

  2. This is wonderful news. ((HUGS)) I am so happy for you.

  3. If I was any happier for you, I might just burst. And bursting would be bad!
    Trying to keep a lid on my excitement for you is terribly hard.

  4. happy for you from afar xo

  5. I know we don't exhale much around here, but for whatever it's worth, my mega-high-risk OB always does a happy dance at 28 weeks. And since I got medically cleared for exercise today, I am doing one for you right now!

  6. Awesome!!!! Loss for words I'm so happy!!!!!!!

  7. Awesome!!!! Loss for words I'm so happy!!!!!!!

  8. 28 weeks! YAY! Sending you love, Barb.

  9. 28 weeks! Yippie! Fan-bloomi'-tastic! Sending a great big hug, xxx



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