Sunday, 18 December 2011

Five good things

It's been a week of breakages one way or another:

Ray's computer, his very expensive self-built computer, blew up with an almighty POP.
A sneaky virus on the little netbook.
The extractor fan blew up.

Good things?

The internet shop was very reasonable and sent a courier for the offending power supply unit.

I rid the netbook of the sneaky virus thus earning heroic geek points.

The extractor fan was stomped to death in the garden by a frustrated poppet who "got it out of his system".

Finding the perfect parka for Ray and it arriving in time for christmas.

A very nice Indian takeaway that didn't play havoc with my interior.

Please join in: what good things found you last week?


  1. Done with interviews !!! Done, done, done!

    A cold that kept me from going to a party I really didn't want to go to anyway.

    Cleaning things out.

    Figuring out how to renovate our bathroom.

    The first of 3 consecutive 4-day work weeks starts tomorrow.

  2. My neighbours.
    Shortbread (damn I always try and not have a food one - not possible)
    Simon's two weeks of holidays starting on Thursday.
    A massage - booked and not yet taken. But I can't wait.
    The smell of the real Christmas tree in our house and the joy it brings Angus to try and destroy it each day :)

  3. *Celebrating the life of our eldest miracle boy on his 6th birthday.
    *Being surrounded and supported by my never failing family on our youngest boys first birthday (who just happens to be dead). They humoured me by following me to the beach to attempt a sky lantern release on a too windy night.
    *The internet.
    *Watching the eldest boys face when he saw his own personalised email from Santa's PNP (portable north pole)...telling him he's been nice of course.
    *Planting a beautiful tree to honour our Joseph on his first birthday.

  4. • Birthdays for both my girls
    • Flourless chocolate cake with raspberries—haven't had it this way in while, so yummy
    • Peach bourbon marmalade (had to stop myself from eating the whole jar with a spoon) (Sally that's two foods for me)
    • Letting go of the big Christmas projects and the Christmas cards and realizing I'm really okay with it
    • Many, many kind words and actions on the fourth anniversary of saying goodbye to my boy

  5. I'm smiling imagining the fan being stomped upon! Good for Ray!

    I don't feel like listing 5 good things at all but I guess that is the point so here are some good things that happened last week
    1. Felt really on top of things at work
    2. Hosted a big party
    3. Made a new friend
    4. Gave lots of compliments which made other people feel good
    5. Bought a new necklace and ring as reminders to be brave



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