Sunday 4 December 2011

Five good things

New socks for winter.

Global Aroma cafe in Teignmouth. Never before has a vegetarian had so much choice and an omnivore had a bigger breakfast.

Marrying into a really great family.

The wind and the rain and being warm in the car whilst the wind blows and the rain pours.

Chips by the sea.

Please join in: what good things found you last week?


  1. Getting to sleep in until 7!
    Salmon hash for breakfast (love leftovers!) and a morning bun mid-morning.
    Evening out with two old friends all the laughter and remember whens that go with it.
    Finding a new mystery series I'm loving (Louise Penny)
    Peppermint stick ice cream ('tis the season)

  2. One week of interviews down.
    Naps on a Sunday.
    Finishing a good book and knowing I have one more waiting.
    Having a nice evening with my parents.
    An incredibly generous offer.

  3. Eating REAL food after a miserable stomach virus
    Snuggly dogs to keep me company while sick
    A really great ultrasound that shows a healthy baby boy
    Christmas cards ordered
    memory foam mattress topper for our bed!

  4. The smell of a real Christmas tree.
    Bread and butter pudding, made with choc chip panetone.
    Moving the baby in to a big boy bed, therefore signifying he is no longer a baby. And he has been great with the big change.
    My husband, who has the patience of a saint.
    Red wine. Have enjoyed my first few glasses of wine since I began on this baby making/growing/nourishing journey four years ago.

  5. The smell of a real Xmas tree
    Sleeping in and staying in bed to cuddle
    The smell (and taste!) of hot spiced wine in my kitchen
    Almost-winter sunsets over the water
    Loving comments from friends. Thank you. xoxo



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