Sunday 26 June 2011

Five good things

There are still good things to be found, even when the why-me's strike.

This little space of mine, the ability to express myself and the gift of being understood.

Putting a smile on another face even though my own smile feels strained.


Smelly candles.


Please join in: what good things found you this week?


  1. Getting an email from you yesterday, which I am about to answer.
    Finally cleaning out the messy closet.
    Winning the Teacher of the Year award at graduation this year.
    Getting through 2 hours of public speaking without collapsing or making a fool of myself.
    Beautiful summer weather.

  2. "There are still good things to be found, even when the why-me's strike." So true.

    A little sunshine in the midst of weeks of rain.
    Seeing how much happened in the garden while I was inside out of the rain.
    Locally roasted, super yummy coffee
    Counting down the days until I'm at the beach with my family
    Writing letters (email, FB are great, but I love good old-fashioned letters)

  3. Husbands who look after their sick wives! I've been sick since Friday, so struggling to find the good things amidst all the snot. Stoopid winter.
    I'll be back next week with more goodness, less snot!



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