Sunday 12 June 2011

Five good things

 Seeing a pretty jay in our garden: quite rare in these 'ere parts.

A lovely birthday lunch for my Mum on friday.

A delicious warm chocolate fudge brownie with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream shared by Ray and me... er... I meant to take a photo of it before... we thought it might be a bit rude to lick the plate...

I found this little poppet (read the description, it made me smile and a bit sad) but I can't quite bring myself to buy it (yet) because a, I'm not a doll person, 2, it's a bit expensive and iii, I'm still not sure who I imagine Little Poppet to be. Or even what sex. But it's a sweet little good thing. Can you tell I spend far too long mindlessly surfing t'internets?

Cramps + code.ine = painless sleep. A bloody sodding good thing.

Please join in: What good things found you last week?


  1. Not having to be in a car or on a plane for the first time in weeks.
    Winning over a reluctant 3 year-old.
    Actually getting a chance to clean and straighten our apartment.
    Guitar sing-along.
    Knowing we're in it together.

  2. Long weekend - happy birthday Queen. Is it even her birthday today?
    Simon baking bread yesterday.
    Riding the miniature railway with a happy little boy.
    Foggy mornings, sunny afternoons.
    Pancakes with friends for breakfast yesterday.

  3. Rain almost every day meant I didn't have to water my garden (I love my garden but hate watering)
    A visit on Friday from a dear friend I haven't seen since last summer
    Elizabeth's baptism today
    Grilled asparagus
    This list! Seriously, I love 5 good things



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