Monday 28 February 2011

Five good things

A lovely sunny spring walk in a nature reserve.

Filling our car with free green compost given away by a nearby city council.

Daffodils opening in the garden.

A new jewellery commission and a challenge.

My cycle almost back to "normal" after the last 14 day cycle-of-doom.

Please join in. What good things found you this week?


  1. Returning from vacation relaxed and with both our colds gone- well, almost.
    Swimming in stars in a bioluminescent bay (this one is cheating, because it's from last week).
    4 new books from the library.
    Making a terrible dinner together and laughing about it.
    Hearing my boss say he was happy with the outcome of something at work- a first.

    Missed you last week, Barbara.

  2. Gnocci, two nights in a row! Love gnocci!
    Mail. Beautifully handwritten mail. The old fashioned way of communicating!
    A flourishing garden after a very wet summer.
    A husband who lets me have the last biscuit.
    Oscars being shown live in Australia today. Love them!

  3. I have good things to share, yes.

    Noticing new things about Lola/and watching her expression in the pics I have. I noticed the smoothness of her palms.

    Finally getting a breather on the yucky bleeding.

    Oranges...and lots of them.

    Finding an old frock of mine that I can still fit into.



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