Tuesday 20 July 2010

I feel

Frustrated, irritated, unsure, quiet, sad, angry, sadhappy, tired, sleepless, tearless, sad, empty, bereft, loved, loved and loved.
    • Ray has been awfully ill since friday with something flu-like and horrible. While he's been tucked up in bed shivering and sweating, and when I haven't been waiting on him or mopping his brow, I've been pottering around or sitting on the sofa alone with my thoughts and without my babies. Empty. 
    • He's feeling a lot better today. Whoop.
    • We're hoping to go away for a couple of days soon. We've been hoping to go away for a couple of days for months. Now we need to
    • I put some paint on a canvas last week for the first time in three years. It felt good. It's not finished and I don't know if it will be finished. I need some new paints.
    • I'd like to go on a spending spree but there's not enough money.  Either spending or eating but spending would be better.
      • I'm still spotting off and on two and a half weeks later and fortunately there's no sign of infection. I know it's normal but I. Am. So. Sick. of. it.
      • I've been quiet here, reading a little but not commenting very much. You have my support even if I don't tell you. All of you. Always.
      • I'm still searching for the brightness.


        1. Still praying every day for that brightness for you again...hope your husband recovers fully and you are going to be able to go away for some recovery time for the two of you.


        2. Much love to you Barb. Just feel it all.

        3. (((hugs))) Wishing for brighter days for you soon.

        4. thinking of you and hoping the sun comes out soon

        5. (((((hugs)))))) Thinking of you too.

        6. I'm glad your lovely OH is on the mend - and I do hope you get those days away - and that they are a small break for you.

        7. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you can get away for a few days. ((HUGS))

        8. B-
          I am sorry I haven't been here for you! I just caught up on your last few weeks. I shake my fist at the universe for you and Ray. I hope your trip away helps you (and that Ray gets better pronto).

        9. Hugs. I hope you find some moments of brightness soon.


        10. I feel all of those things for you, my friend.
          I'm still so sorry.
          Sending more love.

        11. You and Ray are in my thoughts. x

        12. A few days away sounds right- remember when you told me to go yell at the trees? Sounds like some of that may be in order Sorry Ray is stil feeling lousy. Hoping for some brightness for both of you soon.

        13. Always here. Always reading. Not always commenting, but you are always on my mind, wondering, wishing, sending you hugs x

        14. Sending you hugs as well. xx

        15. Hoping Ray gets well and hoping both of you feel better soon.


        16. Big hugs being sent your way, Barb. xo



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