Monday 12 July 2010


The world seems faded some days. 
As if the colour leached out of the universe and went away with Little Poppet on that cloud rainbow.

I've been sick. 
The huge dose of antibiotics given during/after surgery wreaked havoc on my insides. 
I've been a darkly serious concentrated ball of pain.
It's getting better now.

I'm trying, and often succeed in finding the brightness again.
What else is there to do?
It's in my very own Ray of sunshine.
It's in a purring kitteh.
It's in your kind words.
It's out there in our overgrown, marvellously unkempt, clashing colours garden. 

In my heart however, I think I might have to paint it back, one colour at a time.

There are two kittehs in there too. Did you spot them?


  1. You inspire me.

    Love, Bluebird

  2. Oh Barbara I am so sorry for your pain and for you loss. It is all so unfair. This is a beautifuly written post; I especially like the part about your Ray of sunshine. That made me smile because I can tell just from your writing how important the two of you are to each other. Hoping the colors come back soon. xx

  3. Sending you lots of love and a big hug and a sparkle of colour, one moment, one minute, one day.... at a time.


  4. Sending much love, Barbara. I think of you all often. xo

  5. What a beautiful post - with such stunning images. You are amazing.

  6. You have been so heavily, heavily on my heart these last two weeks...just wish there was more I could do...

  7. i didn't see the kittehs until you pointed them out. they are beautiful, like the flowers.

    sending hugs.

  8. I see them.

    Love to you, Barb.


  9. Whatever colour the world is to you Barb you are a beautiful array of colour to us.

    Beautiful beautiful photos and kitty's :) I love that I had to find them :)

    I hope you are feeling physically better soon and of course I hope you find some light amongst this darkness x

    I have some photos for you x

  10. Oh dear... what lovely pictures. Carly described it perfect.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day. Sending love & hope!


  11. I hope you are feeling better and finding color as it comes. The flower collages are lovely. I'm sorry life is so f..... hard.

  12. One brushstroke at a time, sweetie.

  13. The post touched me.

    I hope the colours come back soon. Please let it be so.


  14. I love the Ray of sunshine line and the hidden kitties are adorable! The photos are lovely ~ take care of yourself.

  15. You are beautiful... Sending hugs... Lots and lots of them...

  16. i've just come to your blog via wiseguy, your story has brought tears to my eyes, i am so very sorry for your loss. if you choose to visit my blog that's great but i'd like to tell you that i've just had a baby six months ago and if it would be painful for you to see baby pictures you might want to skip it. i have been where you are.



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