Wednesday, 7 July 2010


The love of my life,
My best friend,
The father of my children.

Three years seems such a short time to fit in so much love, laughter, fun, adventure, hope, grief, healing...
And two dead babies.
Two babies in three years.

Three years ago Ray invited me on a boat trip to Dartmouth. We spent eleven hours together and had trouble ending the day. A week later he moved in. A week after that we were engaged.

Three years later and we end each day with a kiss, a "sweet dreams" and an "I love you". We have only spent 5 nights apart in three years and not by choice. When I was in hospital we ended our days with text messages of "I love you, I miss you." and middle-of-the-night messages of "Are you awake? I feel sad. I miss you".

People tell us how good we are together.

I never dreamed I could be so happy, or share so much sadness.


  1. Three years is such a short time to cram in so much love and heartbreak.
    I hope the years ahead are filled with 10 times the love and zero heartbreak.

  2. Oh Barb - I feel the same way when I look at my husband. I couldn't have found a better man - we are so very much in love. And we have had so much happiness together - but also so much grief. It is amazing how you can have so much happiness and so much grief in such a short time together. I'm glad you have such a loving husband and a good man to spend your life with. xxoo

  3. Wishing you and Ray sweetness today- and a lifetime of happy tomorrows.

  4. What a whirlwind romance! How romantic to meet and become engaged so quickly :D

    Congratulations on the three year anniversary of meeting your husband. May your future years hold much less sorrow.

  5. oh honey... Sending love... lots of it.

  6. Am glad that you found such love and intimacy in each other.

    Am not glad about the heartbreak that the two losses have brought into your life.

    Am wishing you lot of bliss together, and hopefully breakthroughs.

    Saw the curled-up pic of Little Poppet in your previous post. Am sad all over again.


  7. Wishing you two a lifetime of happy tomorrows.

  8. Barb and Ray~
    wishing you much happiness in the years to come and no more sorrows....

  9. Wishing you so many, many more years of love and joy.

  10. You ARE good together...look at all the sorrow you weather together...and lean on each other doing so.

    Happy Anniversary sounds trite...but thankful you have such a wonderful friend and husband in your life.

  11. nothing but love for you both right now, and always.



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