Thursday 4 June 2009


Please go and offer your support to Helen @ The Beading Lady
She lost her baby son Logan at 16 weeks at the end of May and I think she needs a welcome to the worst club in the world with the best members in the world.

Thinking of Helen and Logan today.


  1. Oh Barb. I've posted a link at LFCA (I'm a clicker there) to get her some support. I'm so, so sorry. xxx

  2. Done. These earlier losses really terrify me, as you just don't expect anything to go wrong in the "safe" second trimester. At least that is what doctors seem to let you believe these days. I know how wrong and silly that is now. My heart is with Helen and Logan today.

  3. I really get tired of welcoming people into this club. DAMMIT. Couldnt our losses be enough for the entire world? Couldnt our hurt spare someone else the pain? It's so freaking unfair...

    I'm going to stop by after I post this comment.

  4. Ditto Michele. And Barbara, thank you for supporting so many others.

    Hugs and much love to you!

  5. You are a wonderful all here and a wonderful mother to George by doing so...



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