Monday 1 June 2009


  1. obsessively checking for symptoms at 6dpo (idiot = stop it and w a i t)
  2. hiding away some baby books outgrown by a friends grandson and donated to mother-in-law's charity shop. (optimistic = ok)
  3. watching a really sweet cot on ebay. (over-optimistic = steady on)
  4. cycling between hopeful thoughts and resignation to months of trying (bleh = bleh bleh)
  5. not dealing with stress of any kind very well at all (phone call with benefits agency, lost [by them] payslips/dr certificate, delay in payments = Aaaaaargh!)
  6. baby-making-love-making-sex (better and better = hooray!)
  7. over-analysing everything and making lists (*sigh*)


  1. Sorry for the obsessiveness and overanalyzing. Happy for the great baby making. <3 Sent your way for your + Wishes soon!!

  2. great about the good love making sex!!! :) and I hope it turns out to beby making sex, too. big hugs!!!

  3. Ahhh - the old feeling out of control, hence - try and control EVERYTHING routine.

    Know it. Lived it. It kicked my butt.

  4. 8. breathe.

    i luv lists. esp other peoples!!!

  5. Fingers crossed & much love!

  6. Crossing fingers here too! xxx

  7. hi there. I found your blog tonight and am siting reading while crying. a lot. Because,you see, i lost my son ( #4 angel baby),Zoran,on the 20th March. I was only 15 weeks pregnant. And I took 3 photos of his tiny hands and feet.And could not bring myself to look at them. until tonight. I just wanted to say that George is beautiful, and your letters are so special,and honest.Thankyou for sharing your story . Mummy never forgets xx

  8. Fingers crossed for you, sweet friend!



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