Sunday 28 June 2009

An adventure.

Today is my poppet's 38th birthday. He lost his father at 38 and has been quite ambivalent about this day. After this year he will have lived longer than his father. In his dark dark days he planned to end his life at 38: he no longer has this plan. I think his father would be proud of him.

I know I am.

Yesterday we went to Tintagel castle
You can see a larger image by clicking on any photo.

Legendary castle of King Arthur and a place that has evidence of Roman occupation.

Oh but it was so very beautiful, warm and sunny.

I wanted to dive into that water.

The sense of space was calming.

We were joined by friends

I felt a sense of peace.

And yes, I really did walk all the way up here from that villiage to that tiny building in the centre of the photo... I so feel it in my legs today and the plantar fasciitis is baaaad, but it was so worth it!


  1. Happy Birthday Ray!

    WOW! An amazing place you visited.

    xx Ines

  2. happy birthday!!!

    and those photos are amazing!!! i want to go!!!

  3. THe photos are beautiful! What a magical place. I'm glad the day was peaceful.

  4. Happy Birthday to Ray - I hope this year brings you both some better times.

  5. Wishing Ray a year of love, hope joy, and new adventures.

  6. I hope Ray's year is full of much happiness. My brother is in the UK right now (just been to Wimbledon, I'm so jealous) and he said it was very warm over there! And when an Aussie says it is warm, that's saying something. He'll be travelling down south soon, so I'll tell him to look out for you and Ray on your adventures.
    Gorgeous pictures, as always.

    ps: do I need to send you any vibes yet? I like to get in early.

  7. Happy Birthday, Ray. Big ((Hugs)) from Martha.

  8. Wish you a very happy birthday Ray! And wish you a very long, happy and cherished life with Barbara!

    What a nice adventure indeed...Did you get to see King Arthur's sword? Just J/King...

    You are correct...that water looks so inviting!

    Hope your feet recover from all that!

  9. Happy birthday Ray.

    Tintagel Castle is one of my favourite places in the world. It is so beautiful, especially in the lovely weather we've been having.

    A great place to pass a birthday. I hope it was a peaceful one. xx



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