Sunday 15 July 2012

Five good things - baby edition

Actually... more like a million billion trillion good things. But here are just a few... for now.

Overwhelming emotion - He's here! He's alive! He's real!

5am - just me and him, skin to skin under a duvet on the sofa.

He looks like Ray, like George, like me, like family past and present - he looks familiar.

His soft noises, his loud noises, his screams, his gurgles, his growls. All of it. (see no 1)


Stroking his soft skin, especially on the back of his neck.

He cries, one of us holds him, he is soothed.

Occasional success with breastfeeding - appointment made with breastfeeding midwife - outlook fair to hopeful.

The faces he pulls: grimaces, practice smiles, "food face" when he hears my voice.

I've never cared to label myself but: Daughter, Wife and Mum birthday cards = awesomeness!

Watching Ray being a daddy.

What good things have found you? Please share!


  1. He's so perfect!!! He looks SO MUCH like George! I love these pics. Thank you for sharing a bit of him.

  2. This is one of my good things—so happy to read all this
    Good neighbors
    Coffee frappes

  3. You know, there are lots of good things in my life right now, but I have to say that reading this makes my heart just thrilled. So, so, so over the moon for you!!!!

  4. He does indeed look like George.
    Hope the breast-feeding clicks. It can be so hard to get properly up and running. You know where I am, if you ever need a chat....
    This takes up my top 505!!

  5. Love this list.

    Love this boy.

    Love his mummy!

    My best good thing this week- taking Monkey to a music festival out of town and watching the wonder in his eyes as the orchestra started to play.

  6. It's amazing how much these little beings impact us... <3
    Good things:
    S pretending to feed his cookie to the kitties in his book
    Playing in the mud
    Peanut butter cookies

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