Thursday, 7 June 2012

35 weeks ( a bit of a moan and lots of wedding photos)

So anyway, theoretically Marmaduke could be here in as soon as two weeks time and no longer than 4 weeks.

Damn this boy needs a name!

I am increasingly uncomfortable, kicks huuurt and the Braxton Hicks are getting painful and more frequent despite copious amounts of water. I'm doing very little, walking even less and when I'm not weepily hormonal I can't quite get my head into gear to do much. I'm trying to eat small portions but sometimes failing because I'm starving. Followed by vicious trapped wind and/or vomiting which leaves my belly even more sore and uncomfortable... moan moan moan... etc etc.

And I wouldn't trade a single blinking moment of it for the world.

I'm getting fearful.

I'm getting excited.

The family crib is in da house.

Goodness I am SO ready for this boy to be here and SO unprepared for life-with-baby that it's jangling up my head something silly!

On the other hand.

A few lots of wedding photos:

Our rings

My Dad, me and my bridesmaid Jessica (Ray's... now my niece)

 Ray and his best man

 My Dad and Jess waiting while I fill in forms

 I sort of had to drag my Dad down the short aisle!

Gazing in adoration at hubby to be.

 All done!

The registrar who conducted our ceremony.

 Almost snogging...

 A motley crew

Family (mostly Ray's!)

 Me and him

Holy schmoly I look like a heffalump with my enormoMarmabump!
 Rings again

 The biggest chocolate cake I have ever had the privilege of meeting! 1 foot square.

It was delicious although I was plying folks with packages of the thing to take home or else I would be living on it until Marmaduke got here... hmmm... and oh the cup cakes! I wish I could have sent you all some!


  1. Yay .... I love wedding photos. You and Marmobump look absolutely beautiful (and I'm impressed by you sharing the cake. I totally would have been living off for as long as I could!!)

  2. Lovely, all of it (and yes, would have liked a taste of that cake!)

  3. that cake looks delicious! congratulations! beautiful wedding. can't wait til baby arrives!!!

  4. love the wedding photos and the rings! And finally a belly shot!!! Love it!!!!

    As for life-with-baby anxiety: follow your instincts and you'll do right by that baby!

  5. You are gorgeous, and Ray looks so happy. It is all so beautiful. Thank you for sharing these treasures--makes the heart soar...xo

  6. Thank you for sharing your photos you look beautiful and absolutely glowing! I can't believe you are 35 weeks already, where has the time gone. Hoping the next few weeks go quick for you, I know the last weeks were the longest of my life lol!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    The very best kind of wedding, snd chocolate cake too!
    You look blooming, and you both look insanely happy - I'm jealous lol.
    Hope the next few weeks go quickly.


  8. I'm buzzing seeing these pics. All looks so magical and love-filled.
    You need your cherry on top of the chocolate cake now! Soon dear friend, soon.

  9. Gorgeous pictures! Lovely to see you glowing and pregnant. That cake looks delicious! I hope the next few weeks fly by, and that the uncomfortable aches ease some.

  10. You are such a lovely bride. Ray is such a beamingly happy groom. This is just overflowing with love and
    I am so glad.

    Just caught a glimpse of your baby countdown ticker. 33 days- oh, my! Can't wait to meet that boy.

  11. You are a gorgeous couple! Congrats and thinking of you in the coming weeks. :)

  12. Congratulations!! You look absolutely gorgeous! : )

  13. Congratulations!

    You and Ray make a gorgeous couple...sending you tons of wishes...

    I loved the pics too...that chocolate cake looks yum, and Jess's dress is so pretty!

    Marmaduke will be here in his due time. I think as soon as you guys set your eyes upon him, the name will come!

    Take Care... I had been meaning to comment for a while but just got lazy!

    Again, best wishes!

    (And the rings are gorgeous.)



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