Thursday, 24 May 2012

33 weeks

We had another growth scan on Wednesday and Marmaduke is doing so well. He is measuring a little ahead and growth is steady and normal. Normal normal normal. How I love that word.

We have no scan photo this time. He was transverse with his back up and head and legs curled under playing poke-the-cervix. His face was hidden but we had a truly awesome view of his buttocks, penis and testicles. The lovely sonographer giggled throughout.

The consultant wouldn't book us in for induction while Marmaduke refuses to head in the right direction, at least on scan day. She mentioned exterior cephalic version and vaguely hinted at caesarean. I, on the other hand went off to spinning babies to do some research when we got home. I'm not worried, not yet: he still turns a lot. There is time. I have a month until the next scan.

I'm not doing quite as well as Marmaduke. I'm often stupidly sore from the tiny, I said tiny fibroid spot near my belly button. A now-non-growing evilfibroid, less than 2cm has at times reduced me to tears. At the end of the day it's sore. Standing for too long makes it sore. Sitting for too long makes it sore. When he moves underneath it feels as if something is ripping. It isn't. There's nothing terrible going on there. It's just an area that doesn't like stretching. Still, I'll gladly take this pain if it means he gets to come home, thank you very much. And it's a good excuse (as if I need one) for wallowing in the bath nearly every night.

We bought a car seat today. It's getting easier to buy stuff now even though it still feels a bit abstract. I'm looking at the car seat now trying to imagine that new and unique mix of him and me sitting in it and almost getting there.

We are so close now.

Thank you for the name suggestions, a couple were already on my list and I'm adding to it almost daily. 

We've been married for five whole days now and it's as lovely as it was before we were married apart from getting to call him hubbywubbywoo and being called wifeywibbywoo. Yes indeed we are that silly. He wakes up and says "Good morning Mrs Brown". I'm waiting for a dvd of the wedding photos before I post about it but it was such a fun day!

Ray's friend (with 2 small children) told him that he thought I had about two weeks left and Ray has been fussing about hospital bags ever since. I have a small tube of toothpaste and a dressing gown. What should I take?


  1. We didn't bring anything. The hospital provides so much for you, why bother with bringing your own? I do know a lot of people who want to bring their own sleep clothes, pillows, cosmetics...

  2. Why, hello there, Mrs. Brown!

    Things that were helpful for us included comfy socks or slippers for that first walk down the hall after you get out of bed, something to read if you're going to be admitted the night before and need to keep your mind from racing, and- the big secret of the hospital stay- a bag to take home all the extra stuff they will give you. If your hospital provides you with disposable underwear, use it no matter how strange it feels. If not, you CANNOT, and I repeat CANNOT pack too large a size. Oh- and two more things:

    A phone or computer so you can tell me the second he gets here!

    An outfit to take your sweet boy home.

  3. Congratulations—a wedding and a wonderful baby update.
    (I know you don't want to hear the word c-section, but if it is necessary or even seems likely, talk to your care providers about when you can see and touch and hold the baby. Nobody tells you to make a birth plan for a c-section, but talking about expectations and wishes made a big difference for me.)

  4. Like Sarah said above, if it comes to a c-section there is a link I can send you about a more "natural" type caesarean. There is a video, and it was actually filmed at a hospital in England. Either way, it doesn't really matter, as long as he comes out alive and well.
    Take something for your boobies, maybe. In case you get a bit sore. I did both times. You want to get on to any problems with BF early.

  5. It wasn't so much what I brought, but what I made people bring when they visited - which for me meant sushi and lattes. Otherwise, I didn't bother with too many clothes as others said, the hospital provides and I'd rather get their stuff dirty.

    Try not to worry too much about how he comes - whatever way it is, it'll be beautiful.

  6. I hate that fibroid. If it is near your belly button though, that also might be some pain from the muscles stretching. With Beanie, my belly button hurt and I felt like I was going to be ripped in half (all that from not getting my muscles back in shape after Serenity's pregnancy obliterated them)

    as for stuff to take to the hospital, I would say camera, washed fresh fruit (well, the hospitals in the US have terrible food), flip flops or some shoe you can wash after walking around the hospital.

    And before you go in (ie the next two weeks i guess, according to your friend) please find the phone number for La Leche League and call them up. You can go to a meeting while expecting. And then if BFing is not going perfectly, you will know who to call right away, even for a teeny tiny question.

    And look up Elimination Communication. It's worked great for us.

    (That's me, I worry all about the input and output)

  7. So many good ideas already...for what to bring, that is...I think I was just most glad for body wash that smelled like ME and not like hospital.

    As for turning...Matthew was breech until 35.5 weeks. I did acupuncture, a specific procedure, to turn him. It was UNBELIEVABLE.

    Now, in hindsight, of course, him turning and us attempting a natural birth is what basically killed him...and please, please forgive me for even saying that because I do NOT mean it in the way that stupid words make it sound...I just say that because everyone and their uncle (NOW) tell me, "Hmmmm...we often find that the babies know...that if they stay breech that long, there is a reason." Like that's great to tell me after the fact. Anyway, as others said, however he comes, it will be ok...and you will bond with him whether you hold him immediately or an hour later (I was in shock with Luke and didn't get to hold him for about a 1/2 me, we nursed and bonded just fine!).

    But I also wanted to let you know about the moxibustion was not painful (though him turning that much that far along hurt, I admit) and it worked. That afternoon. And was sooooo much better than what I hear the turnings or versions or whatever they are called are...I don't know how you feel about acupuncture, but I HIGHLY recommend it!!!!



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