Sunday 11 March 2012

Five good things

Ray's plot to begin Marmaduke's musical education in utero by playing loud music whilst I'm sitting near a speaker wearing earplugs.

Starting to make our wedding rings and finding gold easier to solder than silver.

Needing some maternity clothes.

Enough spring warmth to sit outside at a cafe to watch the sunset.

The very wonderful leap of Jonathan into the world.

Please join in: What good things found you last week?


  1. Five good things (all from today)
    I was not awakened at 4:30 AM
    Brunch with neighbors (made toast for breakfast nothing for lunch)
    Got to run
    Spent most of the afternoon outside
    Cocktail hour on the porch (in March!)
    Dinner with neighbors (didn't have to cook)

    I'm thinking he takes up spots one through five this week!

  3. Aww, thanks, ladies!

    So here are mine:
    A bookshelf full of the children's books that I spent years buying for other people, now in our home.
    A record-breaking amount of time before having to change Monkey out of wet clothes.
    My loving husband, who is a wonderful daddy.
    Leaving the apartment TWICE today- once for dinner!
    A strikingly easy C-section recovery- walked a mile today without pain medication.

  4. Here are some:
    -getting a garden plot ready
    -yummy homemade rolls
    -good talks with L
    -good hugs and kisses from S
    -keeping caught up on house chores :)

  5. Some furniture for our new room/ space
    Baby in the belly hic-ups
    Hubby arriving safely home after being far, far, far away the entire week
    Fizzy berry-lemonade with lots of ice
    frozen yogurt and ice cream treats



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