Thursday 29 March 2012

25 weeks

The midwife rubbed her hands together and said, "Ooh let's have a good feel". And she did. Prodded and pressed, Marmaduke was lying obliquely, back and head down, diagonally across my belly. Then he moved so she chased him around with the doppler for a while whilst he moved again and again, "He is active isn't he. Wonderful! And a good size too." I heard the cord whooshing and his heart knocking. All good. There is pain and there are twinges but nothing she was worried about. My blood pressure is lower than it was at 16 weeks. All good. Nothing showing up in the urine test. All. good.

I have to keep repeating it. All. good. Because the panic is never too far away. Those damned what if's plague me when I wake up (frequently) at night to turn from one painful hip to the other. Move. Please move a little bit. And he does. He's very accommodating of his mother's anxieties although he rarely leaves it at just "a little bit" and proceeds to keep me awake for a while. And, of course, I don't mind one little bit. Even when he does some DIY on my bladder.

I told the midwife that I wasn't keen on the idea of induction. "Well, you don't have to you know. Just speak to the consultant... or perhaps leave it until you are closer and see how things are going. We are here for you after all." I love this woman.

15 weeks left. Or 14 if I do let them induce me at 39 weeks. Sometimes it feels like an eternity and sometimes it's frightening how fast it's going by.

Oh, and only 51 days until we get married!

All good.


  1. All. Good. Keep repeating. Make it your morning mantra. All good.

  2. All good, dear one. Really: all good. :)

  3. Thinking of you daily (if that helps in any way) xo

  4. 51 days to your wedding...and 14/15 weeks to meeting your son...quite a countdown really!

    Hoping both the events are blissful...marrying your love, and welcoming a happy, healthy Marmaduke in your lives...

    Take Care!

  5. Simon was also good at moving when I most needed him to. Your hope to not induce is amazing...I caved to my fears and induced at 39 weeks. I wish you many "all good" moments on daily basis to keep your fear at bay. Thinking of you, and holding you up in my thoughts.

  6. I'm so excited for you! everything sounds wonderful and healthy! xxoo

  7. it makes me smile to read the words "all good". I def want to keep seeing those!

  8. I watch you, living vicariously. Wondering if I am up for this panic. So happy its all good! So, so very happy Barb!



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