Sunday 4 September 2011

Five good things

Announcing our wedding plans at a (Ray's) family dinner for 14 to joyful squeals from him mum and sister.

Not running crying from above mentioned dinner when Ray's newish nephew was being passed around for cuddles (no, I couldn't) or when his step-dad was being lovely, thoughtful and sympathetic and I wished he would stop.

A really really really lazy Sunday.

A bit of passion at lunchtime.

Planning our cheap budget simple wedding for next Summer.
  • I'm making our rings
  • We're having a bbq/picnic party on a beach (if it isn't raining, goodness knows what we'll do if it is) 
  • Helium balloons, buckets and spades, rugs and bunting
  • No ties, trying to find a wedding dress that isn't a wedding dress...
  • etc

Please join in: what good things found you last week.


  1. This is not five happy things, and in fact I suppose it's not a happy thing at all... but I thought of you the other day. A close friend had a little boy just a few days ago, and although I am thrilled for her and wish her all the love in the world, after four years it still hurts when someone else's new baby boy comes around. So I'm thinking of you too...

    Now for five good things:
    Sunday morning at the beach, cinnamon rolls with bacon in them, visits from my brother, new flooring to replace hated blue carpet, and no damage from the hurricane.

  2. 1. Angel touch stone given to me for protection
    2. Walking the full neighborhood with Leo for the first time since before his surgery
    3. A good book
    4. Moments of peace
    5. Sushi dinner with hubby

  3. I haven't commented in awhile, but I wanted to wish you congratulations on your wedding plans!! A wedding on the beach with rings that you've made sounds just perfect. : )

  4. Your list sounds fabulou!

    1. Tomatoes simmering on the stove and roasting in the oven
    2. Canning with good friends
    3. Cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast (intrigued by Heather's cinnamon rolls with bacon in them)
    4. Slowing down (maybe, a little?) as summer winds down
    5. A shower after canning on a sticky afternoon, running, getting everyone off to bed, and doing more food processing in a steamy kitchen (off to that right now)

  5. Number one has to be your wedding plans!
    Home cooked meals delivered by friends.
    Tiny pink things.
    Ticking things off a long to-do list.

    So happy for you guys, Barb. I sooooooooooo want to come!

  6. Congratulations. Very very happy for both of you. And so many blessings!

    My good things:

    * Having the absolute final draft of my thesis ready.

    * Feeling pushes and prods

    * Passing the Glucose Load Test

    * Day-dreaming about a near future.

    * Relieved at my hubby and Dad getting along well.

  7. 10 year wedding anniversary

    Jordan's blossom tree bloomed

    Spring is here

    My son is learning about friendship and making friends (he has really struggled with this, we think because of Jordan's loss)

    Getting my beady jewellery making mojo on... it's been a while...

  8. We got married on a beach- good choice!

    Everyone I know on teh East Casot of the US safe and sound after the big hurricane.
    Finally done teaching for the year.
    Having a student from that class tell me that 3 people showed up to class the week after we were done because they weren't ready for it to be over. (best of both worlds- it went well and I'm still done!)
    Dark chocolate with sea salt.
    The post you left on my FB wall.

  9. That was meant to say "the East Coast"- good thing #6 is that it's a 3-day weekend and I'm still half asleep!



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