Sunday 21 August 2011

Five good things

Juliet Lily safe and sound

Finishing a stupid government form

Mum's beetroot and apple pickle

Kittehs thriving on raw food diet

Setting a date... or rather, a month... thinking of a dress... beach picnic... making rings... teeny tiny budget... etc...

Please join in: what good things found you this week?


  1. Oooohhh, are you really? Funnily enough, I was just thinking about this very thing today, wondering if there was any talk of a date. Not the kind of question you ask, but so so glad to hear the answer.

    That just became one of my 5 good things!
    4 more:

    A lovely weekend away.
    One more week of class and I'm done!
    An unexpected birthday greeting.
    Leftovers in the fridge, so no need to cook dinner.

  2. Juliet Lily's arrival was first on my list, too!
    Fresh flowers in the house
    Getting a Mizuko jizo in the mail
    Fresh peaches delivered to my door
    Tea with a friend I don't see nearly enough

    Look forward to hearing more about that last item on your list : )

  3. I might just have to steal your first one! And, number five!! Two will have to do this week :)

  4. Date! You are getting married! When?

    My good things -

    Season jumping ropes at the Doppler.

    (I had two more, and I can't remember. Yep, they were good.)

  5. A date!!!

    Can't wait to hear about your plans :)

    My good things from last week:
    Reconnecting with a friend
    Taking a bike ride

    That's all, it wasn't a very good week, but thank you for prompting thinking of good things :)

  6. a date! and rings! a date and rings! :D

    my five good things from last week:

    -I will steal your first, as well. So good to have another rainbow in our community.

    -Acupuncture seeming to help with my energy and ovulating before cycle day 20.

    -Spending time at the columbarium where we will place Calvin's ashes (and where ours will go someday)

    -Couple time with Louie

    -Receiving a RESOLVE bracelet from one of my fellow BLMs

  7. Ooh, What lovely news - that last one. How special. Congratulations.



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