Friday 20 May 2011

The weepies

I haven't had a "good" cry for a while now. Until this morning, when the worst-cramps-ever-in-the-history-of-the-world-ever-no-really-that-bad finally got the better of me after two days and I gave up holding it back.

"I have *sniff* horrible cramps *sob* it's been a year since I was *sniffle* pregnant *wail* and *sniff* I am SO sick *drip* of *sob* being *sob* disappointed."

Soft touches, kisses and hugs brought me back to sanity and snuggling always makes me feel better.

"I don't like it when you're upset Poppet"

"Neither do I *sniffle*"

"But it's good to get it out"

"S'pose *hic* so"

"It'll be all right"

"It better be..."

And it better be because who wants to live the rest of their life disappointed?

I remember after losing George, one lady from work "comforting" me by expressing her sorrow at my "great disappointment". No, dear, I'm grieving the loss of my son.

*sigh* Do excuse my rambling.


  1. I'm sorry, Barbara. I wish there were more to say. Sending you so much love and hoping for better days.

  2. Love to you, Barb. Remembering your babies always. xo

  3. It will be ok, because you have a great guy by you.

    I'm sorry that your dream has not come true and that George and Little Poppet are not with you.

    And I think it is fine to feel disappointed about that and to have a good cry.


  4. I know. Oh, I know. And I am so sorry with you.

  5. All my love to you, dear friend. Huge hugs, big warm cups of tea.



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